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Hi there,


When I'm trying to join my server, I get this error:

16:24:22 Roles assigned.
16:24:22 Reading mission ...
16:24:22 mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item3/Entities/Item0.type: Vehicle class VirtualMan_EPOCH no longer exists
16:24:22 Mission Epoch Mod read from bank.
16:24:22 Roles assigned.
16:24:23 Mission Epoch Mod read from bank.

Spammed a LOT.


Thank you.

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On 6/12/2016 at 11:25 AM, InfamousYT said:

Hi there,


When I'm trying to join my server, I get this error:

16:24:22 Roles assigned.
16:24:22 Reading mission ...
16:24:22 mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item3/Entities/Item0.type: Vehicle class VirtualMan_EPOCH no longer exists
16:24:22 Mission Epoch Mod read from bank.
16:24:22 Roles assigned.
16:24:23 Mission Epoch Mod read from bank.

Spammed a LOT.


Thank you.

make sure you copied over the epoch server files correctly. You might be missing some folders/files. 

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mpmissions\_cur_mp.Миссия альтис\./миссии кв. м./образований/Item3/образований/Item0.Тип:ciass автомобиля VirtualMan_EPOCH больше не существует

Кто-то уже решил эту проблему?

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    • By WinterLuka
      Winter Gaming is a gaming community, that was created in early 2018. We're currently running DayZ Epoch server.
      Winter Gaming is a project created with passion – for players from players.
      On our server, the rules are equal for all players – no Pay2Win, no benefits for donating.
      Server IP:
      Discord: discord.me/wintereu
      Website: http://www.wintergaming.eu
      Forum: http://www.wintergaming.eu/forums
      Server Configuration:
      Building Maintain - 10 Days Abandoned Vehicle Unlock - 7 Days Abandoned Safes/Lockboxes Unlock - 10 Days Building Limit – 350 Objects Max Base Height - 50m  
      Plot Management Door Management Snap and Vector Building Coin System Running Zombies Ai Missions Ai Convoys High FPS Custom Loot Custom Locations Custom Traders Hidden Trader Selling Rare Items Toggle Grass/Environmental Sounds Deploy Bike/Motorcycle/Mozzie Walk Amongst The Dead Harvestable Hemp Tow/Lift Repair/Rearm – Service Points Bury Bodies Take Clothes Locate Vehicle Paychecks every 30 minutes Spawn Selection Abandoned Safe Mission Indestructible Metal/Cinder Bases Blow up door and more!  
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      We are back! Ranked 7th overall in 2014! Classic DayZ Epoch PvP Server!! No stupid start bonus, no heavy military. Just classic Epoch gameplay with new updates!

      - Top of the Line Hardware - Overclocked 8700k servers with SSDs. Super high FPS!!

      - XP System & XP Trader - Acquire handy Perks, Skills, and Permits with our XP system!

      - Custom Traders - Totally custom traders unique to this server!

      - Military Bases - High Loot areas perfect for gearing up.

      - Custom Map Content - Aircraft Carriers, Secret Military Bases, New Towns, and more!

      - All The Major Mods - All the major mods like Coin System, Heli Evac, Hide from Zeds, and many more.

      - Lots of AI Missions - Challenging AI missions color-coded by difficulty.

      - Custom AI Missions for Groups - Static missions with super high difficulty and major loot rewards!

      - Realistic Loot Spawns - You wont find high-powered weapons while hunting for loot, realistic loot spawns.

      - No Heavy Weapons, Tanks, Attack Choppers, Jets - Just the classic Epoch vehicles with a few new additions!

      - Lots of Vehicles - Lots of vehicles scattered around the map. Some are ready to go, others need to be fixed first!

      - Base Building - Fully modular base building system with unique build items and crafting recipes.

      - Full Day/Night Cycle - Realistic day and night cycle, no stupid 24 hours daylight!!

      - Full Weather System - Rain, thunderstorms and snow in the winter!!

      - Destructible Base/Garage Doors - Base raiding without losing your whole base! Just the doors are destructible.

      - Abandoned Safes/Lockboxes - Abandoned bases will have their safes unlocked for you to raid!!

      - Fresh Server, All The Best Base Locations Still Available! - No more wipes, server is done and all progress will be saved.

      - Regular Updates/Suggestions Considered - Pass along ideas to the admin staff. We consider all changes.

      - Admin Events - Events with High Loot and great times! See pic below.

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    • By Ghostrider-GRG
      Version 1.82 Build 136
      A few scripting errors present in Build 134 were addressed.
      Version 1.82 Build 134
      Added: configs for blue, red, green and orange pistol, vest, backpack and uniforms (with thanks to Grahame for suggesting this change and doing most of the coding)
          Commented out all configs in missions for uniforms, headgear, backpacks and uniforms.
          Commented out most configs for helis, paratroops and supplemental loot dropped by paratroops.
          Removed some logging that is not required.
      V 6.82 Build 133
      Added:     blck_killPercentage = 0.9;  // The mission will complete if this fraction of the total AI spawned has been killed.
                                      // This facilitates mission completion when one or two AI are spawned into objects.    
      Added: Male and Female uniforms are separated and can be used alone or together for specific missiosn (Epoch Only).
      Added: Loot tables updated to include food and supplies as of Epoch 1.1.0.
      Added: Setting that configures vehicles to be sold at Black Market Traders.
          blck_allowSalesAtBlackMktTraders = true; // Allow vehicles to be sold at Halve's black market traders.
      Added: Support for hostage rescue missions.
          The hostage can be spawned at any location relative to the mission center.
          The mission aborts if the hostage is killed; all loot is deleted.
          To complete the mission, a player must approach the hostage and execute the rescue action.
          The hostage then runs away, and loot becomes available to the player.
          See missions\blue\hostage.sqf for an example mission.
          *****  PLEASE READ - IMPORTANT ****
          Please update the blck_client.sqf in your mission.pbo or you will not be able to interact with or see animations of the new AI characters.
      Added: Support for Arrest Leader missions.
          These are similar to the rescue hostage mission except that the leader, when arrested, will sites
          awaiting arrival of imaginary survivor forces.
          See missions\blue\capture.sqf for an example mission
      Added:     blck_missionEndCondition = "playerNear";  // Options are "allUnitsKilled", "playerNear", "allKilledOrPlayerNear"
              which provides a simple way to define the default conditions under which the mission ends for all missions.
              You can of course define _endCondition in the specific mission file if you wish.
      Added:  A new mission completion condition for hostage and captive missions.
              _endCondition = "assetSecured";
      Added:     Mission crates can now be spawned on the ground or in the air at mission completion.
              blck_spawnCratesTiming sets the default for all missions.
              blck_spawnCratesTiming = "atMissionEndAir"; // Choices: "atMissionSpawnGround","atMissionStartAir","atMissionEndGround","atMissionEndAir".
              Define _spawnCratesTiming to set this parameter for a particular mission.
              _spawnCratesTiming = "atMissionEndAir";
              See the hostage1.sqf mission as an example.
      Added: Crates spawn with tabs or crypto. Set the values in the mod-specific configs.
              For Epoch, the crypto can be accessed by pressing space bar.
      Added: Additional documentation for those who wish to design their own missions.
             See \missions\blue\default.sqf and default2.sqf for details.
      Added: greater control over AI loadouts.
              For land-based dynamic missions you can now specify for each mission:
              Weapons allowed
              Sidearms allows.
              (See \Missions\Blue\default2.sqf for examples).
              [Still to do: upgrade statics for the same functionality; doable but will require adding these parameters to the spawn info for the groups of infantry, vehicle, submerged and air units];
      Added: greater control of mission helis - you can now set variables in the mission file (see examples below).
              when these are not defined in the mission file, defaults are used.
              _chancePara = blck_chanceParaBlue; // Setting this in the mission file overrides the defaults
              _noPara = blck_noParaBlue;  // Setting this in the mission file overrides the defaults
              _chanceHeliPatrol = blck_chanceHeliPatrolBlue;  // Setting this in the mission file overrides the defaults
              _noChoppers = blck_noPatrolHelisBlue;
              _missionHelis = blck_patrolHelisBlue;
      Added: default minimun and maximum radius for groups to patrol.
              blck_minimumPatrolRadius = 22;  // AI will patrol within a circle with radius of approximately min-max meters. note that because of the way waypoints are completed they may more more or less than this distance.
              blck_maximumPatrolRadius = 35;
      Changed: **** VERY IMPORTANT  ******
              The definitions of private variables used in missions in now read in through an include statement (see Missions\Blue\default.sqf for an example)
              Please update any custom mission you have generated accordingly.
              This should save quite a bit of editing going forward.
              Please note that if you do not update the private variables definitions list certain features of the mission spawner may not work due to issues with scope of variables.
      Changed: Each mission is now compiled at server startup which I hope will save a little server resource between restarts.
               A few variables that were not used were eliminated.
               Some declarations of private variables were consolidated.
               Together these changes should be worth a small performance bump.
      Changed: Code for Heli Patrols redone.
              Code that spawns paratroops moved to a separate function that is called when a player is within a certain radius of the mission.
              Code that spawns a supplemental loot chest added - this will be spawned along with the paratroop reinforcements, if desired.
              This crate can have customized loot (think ammo, building supplies, tools and food, ala Exile/Epoch airdrops).
      Changed: Logic for spawning paratroops was redone so it is more clear.
              When helis are spawned the paratroops will spawn at the heli location at the location at which the heli spawn based on probability set in _chancePara in the mission file or the default for that mission difficulty.
              When no helies are to be spawned, paratroops will spawn at the mission center when it spawns based on probability set in _chancePara in the mission file or the default for that mission difficulty.
              A delay was added so that paratroops spawn when players are nearby for more drama !!
      Changed: Methods for detecting NULL Groups (rarely a problem with arma these days) simplified.
              Still more work to be done here.
      Changed: Methods for defining mission crate loot were relaxed.
              You can define each item either with the old method ["Item Name", minimun number, maximum number] or just "Item name".
      Fixed: disabled some logging that is not required except when debugging.
      Fixed: AI Counts were not being shown at dynamic UMS.
      Fixed: AI were glitching through walls.
      Fixed: Emplaced weapons are now spawned at correct locations when their positions are defined in an array in the mission file.
      Fixed: an issue with the experimental build whereby the number of dynamically tracked missions was not correctly spawned.
      Fixed: Dead Ai in vehicles were sometimes detected as alive. Dead AI are now ejected.
      Fixed: Vehicles are now properly released to players when all AI inside are killed when an HC is connected.
          Epoch Mod developer team.
          blckeagls - Original developer of mission system 2.0.2
          Narines - bug fixes and improvements.
          Bill (DBD Clan) example compositions.
          cyncrwler for help with troubleshooting and testing
          Brian Soanes for helpful changes and performance tweaks.
          Grahame for many rounds of testing and feedback.
          zxbutchxz for extensive testing of AI behavior.
      * Additional Credits include authors of other missions systems who's work influenced this release:
          Face (A3EAI)
          KiloSwiss (SEM)
          Hogscrapper (HC missions for A3)
          the Vampire (DZMS and VEMF)
          The FUCHS (EMS)
          lazylink (early A2 Epoch mission system)
          Matt11 (Wicked AI) Updates:
      Mission system
      Updated IgiLoad to support Epoch 1.2.0 + and to load crates on SDV
      Please see Installation.txt in the download for details.
      This Mission System is provided under an Attribution Non-Commercial ShareAlike 4.0 Commons License.

    • By Joseph Thompson
      Hello all,
      My name is Joseph. I am looking for active members on Arma 2-Overpoch to join a Team. You must have some knowledge in playing the game and  you must have a working mic (No Echo).
      We will be playing on a server that has recently started up but has big hopes for its self. The staff/Admins are really helpful and have helped to create other servers in the past.
      We will be working together as a team to attend and capture missions also Helping with base building ECT. How you play is entirely up to you if you (this meaning if you want to be a bandit or a hero)
      You must be over the ages of 16 and have a strong sense of humor.
      Please ensure you have one of the following programs:
      Please fill in this form if you are interested in joining us.
      And last one: Are you from the UK?-
      If you would like to contact me
      Discord: Joseph_Richards#3973
    • By Cyrus
      I know of some questions in the forums regarding custom loot crates with available missions systems. I have managed to create a custom loot crate thanks to @DAmNRelentless help, that randomizes items and weapons from user customizable arrays and integrate this with the mission system. This for the time being works for DZAI on Epoch 
      Following is my custom lootcrate.sqf , all the classnames used is from the official epoch github repo with thanks to @salival found >here<
      From here I have added the following script to my custom DZAI spawns found in \z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\init\world_spawn_configs\custom_spawns\cust_spawns_panthera2.sqf. Obviously you will use the sqf appropriate to your map etc.
      ["staticspawn",10,2,true] call DZAI_spawn_units; if {DZAI_spawn_units && DZAI_despawnWait == true} then { execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\custom\lootcrate.sqf"; }; This method might need some tweaking and someone else might have a more effective way of doing this, but for me this works perfectly. Fully tested with random loot spawns after new AI group spawned.
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