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Dogs being deleted


Hey. I am using this script to have a loyal dog and it works great but I have had to delete the animal cleanup to have it work. This is not ideal. Does anyone know how to disable animal cleanup just for the spawned dogs?


Dog mod


This is the code which needs editing rather than switching off:

server_spawnCleanAnimals = {
	private ["_pos","_delQtyAnimal","_qty","_missonAnimals","_nearby"];
	_missonAnimals = entities "CAAnimalBase";
	_delQtyAnimal = 0;
		if (local _x) then {
			_x call dayz_perform_purge;
			sleep 0.05;
			_delQtyAnimal = _delQtyAnimal + 1;
		} else {
			if (!alive _x) then {
				_pos = getPosATL _x;
				if (count _pos > 0) then {
					_nearby = {(isPlayer _x) && (alive _x)} count (_pos nearEntities [["CAManBase","AllVehicles"], 130]);
					if (_nearby==0) then {
						_x call dayz_perform_purge;
						sleep 0.05;
						_delQtyAnimal = _delQtyAnimal + 1;
		sleep 0.001;
	} count _missonAnimals;
	if (_delQtyAnimal > 0) then {
		_qty = count _missonAnimals;
		diag_log (format["CLEANUP: Deleted %1 Animals out of %2",_delQtyAnimal,_qty]);

Thanks in advance.

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