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  1. IP: FINALdayZsurvivor.net My name is ARTyom. I am the admin of the FINALdayZ Podagorsk server. Its purpose is to provide a challenging apocalyptic environment for the DayZ community as I believe DayZ's hardcore nature has been diluted by additions to make the game easier by the majority. What's fascinating to me is retaining the survival aspect of DayZ. If you believe like I do; that DayZ is supposed to be difficult, then please consider the following features: No Traders. This is DayZ. No 3rd person combat. The combat timer locks the view or when vehicles travel more than 50kph. Orienteering. The map waypoint marker has been disabled. Familiarise yourself with visible land marks. Famine. Unspoiled food has been exhausted. All wildlife has died from the cold and radiation except for some smaller scavengers and birds. But you can cannibilise players/Ai. Nuclear Winter. A series of nuclear containment attacks have poisoned the land and sky. Each day has become greyer than the next. Sunlight struggles to pierce the fallout; vegetation is dying everywhere as temperatures plummet. Acid rain and radiation fog cause blood-loss, but also warm you. Erosion. Without human maintenance, nature has begun to reclaim the landscape back from civilisation through erosion. Many locations have collapsed causing hazards for looters. Earthquakes cause further damage over time. Complete Craft. Reduced loot and an extensive crafting system provides new solutions for your survival. Right click new items in your gear whenever you can to learn new abilities. Knowledge is power. Cannibal Gangs. Roaming the wastes are hostile survivors brought to the brink of humanity by starvation. They too desire your flesh. Dynamic Vehicles. More than 100 vehicles litter the landscape. But the roads are hazardous. Go offroad for a safer route. Deadly Zombies. Headshots are preferable and because they walk they're stealthy, they hit hard and will drag you from windowless vehicles. There is only 1 rule: No Hacking. Murders will only alienate others around you. Challenge yourself to survive the FINALdayZ of humanity... PvP+PvE+ZeDs=HARDCORE. Only the best survive. "It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine..." Try to Stay ALIVE!
  2. FIRE in the HOLE! Podagorsk now features lethal spreading destructive fire and enhanced smoke effects. The nuclear detonation event provides an inferno which is capable of spreading across the landscape. The fire is lethal to both Ai and players so it may be used tactically if you're brave (or foolish) enough to deliberately start a forest fire... try to Stay ALIVE!
  3. FINAL Resting Place Nuclear holocaust zombie apocalypse survival resides in Podagorsk; a condensed Chernarus . Podogorsk boasts tonnes of detail, farmlands, several military bases, a huge airfield and marshlands, an extensive wild forest and several isles and castle ruins. Famine, acid rain, radiation, infection, scarce supplies, cannibal Ai and the wide spread collapse of our infrastructure is what you can also expect to find. Can you survive the FINALdayZ of humanity? try to Stay ALIVE!
  4. Thank you BetterDeadThanZed, I appreciate you saying so. I think we can both agree that DayZ is an astounding platform to work from. BTW, I was chuffed to see you become a moderator. Well done sir...many beans.
  5. The END is NIGH Podagorsk has decayed almost beyond recognition. Radiation pours from the ruined nuclear reactors affecting huge areas of the region. Food is non existent. Scavenging is hazardous. The undead now rule with impunity. But there are survivors, even here. Some are alive from cannibalising whomever they find. Others desperately cling to the morsels of morality as they struggle to cope with this terrifying new world. The FINALdayZ of humanity are here... ...try to Stay ALIVE!
  6. CartoonrBOY

    [Release] *NEW* missions for WAI 2.2.0

    Thanks for converting these missions Caveman. Much'o appreciated...more beans!
  7. CartoonrBOY

    [Release] *New* Missions ( WAI 0.173 )

    These look very good Caveman - well done. Downloading now - many beans! :)
  8. CartoonrBOY

    Dayz Epoch Namalsk Blood suckers and EVR blowouts help

    Why does the picture have to be so big? Scared the life outta me...lol.
  9. CartoonrBOY

    Dayz Epoch Namalsk Blood suckers and EVR blowouts help

    I think I've resolved it. The reason they were not de-cloaking was because their textures were being banned. Find in the init.sqf: #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf" Comment this out and they should spawn.
  10. It will not work as the new CfgMagazines will conflict will the default file.
  11. CartoonrBOY

    Schwede's improved Flashlighst

    Awesome script SchwEde. My server spends 12 hours per day in the dark so this will prove very useful. Many beans my friend.
  12. CartoonrBOY

    Sluggish fn_SelfActions

    Many of us may be aware of the loss of responsiveness from the fn_selfActions.sqf file when adding scripts into it. if(_hasHotwireKit) then { _Unlock = player addAction [format[localize "STR_EPOCH_ACTIONS_HOTWIRE",_text], "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\hotwire_veh.sqf",_cursorTarget, 2, true, true, "", ""]; I'm guessing that the ,2, after _cursorTarget indicates how important the instruction to show the menu is? The ,true, true, have something to do with whether the menu remains visible when not looking at it? Is there a way to make all scripts as responsive as the door open/close or fire command as, despite adding more scripts these menus remain responsive. I'm assuming that more admins may have similar problems and I'm hoping this query can resolve many sluggish fn_selfActions.sqf files...
  13. CartoonrBOY

    Sluggish fn_SelfActions

    Thanks SchwEde. My problem is that any new fn_selfActions I add remain unresponsive, despite fires, locks etc remaining responsive. I have noticed this in the variables file: //Player self-action handles dayz_resetSelfActions = { s_player_fire = -1; s_player_knockout = -1; //knockout s_player_cook = -1; s_player_boil = -1; s_player_fireout = -1; s_player_butcher = -1; s_player_packtent = -1; s_player_packvault = -1; s_player_lockvault = -1; s_player_unlockvault = -1; s_player_fillwater = -1; s_player_fillwater2 = -1; s_player_fillfuel = -1; s_player_grabflare = -1; s_player_callzombies = -1; s_player_showname = -1; s_player_debuglootpos = -1; s_player_pzombiesattack = -1; s_player_pzombiesvision = -1; s_player_pzombiesfeed = -1; s_player_removeflare = -1; s_player_painkiller = -1; s_player_studybody = -1; s_player_tamedog = -1; s_player_madsci_crtl = -1; s_player_parts_crtl = -1; s_build_Sandbag1_DZ = -1; s_build_Hedgehog_DZ = -1; s_build_Wire_cat1 = -1; s_player_deleteBuild = -1; s_player_forceSave = -1; s_player_checkGear = -1; s_player_flipveh = -1; s_player_stats = -1; s_player_sleep = -1; s_player_movedog = -1; s_player_speeddog = -1; s_player_calldog = -1; s_player_feeddog = -1; s_player_waterdog = -1; s_player_staydog = -1; s_player_trackdog = -1; s_player_barkdog = -1; s_player_warndog = -1; s_player_followdog = -1; s_player_repair_crtl = -1; s_player_information = -1; s_player_fuelauto = -1; s_player_fuelauto2 = -1; s_player_fillgen = -1; s_player_upgrade_build = -1; s_player_maint_build = -1; s_player_downgrade_build = -1; s_player_towing = -1; s_halo_action = -1; s_player_SurrenderedGear = -1; s_player_maintain_area = -1; s_player_maintain_area_preview = -1; s_player_heli_lift = -1; s_player_heli_detach = -1; s_player_lockUnlock_crtl = -1; mv22_fold = -1; mv22_unfold = -1; mv22_open = -1; mv22_close = -1; suv_close = -1; suv_open = -1; s_player_drinkWater = -1; //drink_Water.sqf }; call dayz_resetSelfActions; Could entering the handles improve the performance of modified fn_selfActions?
  14. CartoonrBOY

    Increasing base hit-points?

    Try that: http://opendayz.net/threads/epoch-buildable-health.19861/
  15. CartoonrBOY

    Force Drop Backpack before Skin Change

    Enter into your player_wearClothes.sqf the following: if(DZE_ActionInProgress) exitWith { cutText [(localize "str_epoch_player_83") , "PLAIN DOWN"] }; //prevent change with bp fix dayz_myBackpack = unitBackpack player; _newBackpackType = (typeOf dayz_myBackpack); if(_newBackpackType != "") exitWith {cutText [format["You need to remove your backpack"], "PLAIN DOWN"];}; DZE_ActionInProgress = true; This prevents a player changing clothes whilst wearing a backpack.
  16. CartoonrBOY

    [WIP] Musical Radios

    I'm developing a music mod that plays from a radio. At present I can play music using a radio but the music does not get quieter further from the source.This is due to the sound being linked to the player. Other players can hear the music but it does not repeat. Unpack your mission.pbo. Create a 2 folders in the root. One called: sound (you may already have this), the other called: fixes, or use your custom mod folder (edit the code in the fn_selfActions file accordingly). Download the file. Copy the sound file (battery.ogg) into the sound folder. Copy the battery folder into the fixes (mod) folder. In your fn_selfActions file add to the bottom: private["_ismammoth"]; _ismammoth = cursorTarget isKindOf "MAP_radio"; if (_ismammoth) then { dayz_addbattery = player; if (s_player_battery_on < 0) then { s_player_battery_on = player addAction ["Listen...","fixes\battery\radio_on.sqf",dayz_addbattery, 2, false, true, "", ""]; }; } else { dayz_addbattery removeAction s_player_battery_on; s_player_battery_on = -1; }; In your description.ext add into the class CfgSounds section before the closing quotes: class battery { name = "battery"; sound[] = {\sound\battery.ogg, 0.4, 1.0}; titles[] = {}; }; And add in this section: class CfgSounds { sounds[]={battery}; Note: you only need to add the word: battery, into this section if you already have other sounds. Next you will have to add the item: MAP_radio, into the map. Either use the editing tool or as I do use the mod. The radio is the small white radio in the misc section. When you look at the radio you'll see the option to: Listen... Selecting: Listen... plays the track once. Note: You can change the track using Easy MP3 Cutter to sample the new file into the .ogg format. File: MusicalRADIOS Ideally I'd like the sound to repeat play from the radio without the switch, and to get quieter the further from the source you go. If anyone has any advice or comments they'd be gratefully received.
  17. CartoonrBOY

    Dogs being deleted

    Hey. I am using this script to have a loyal dog and it works great but I have had to delete the animal cleanup to have it work. This is not ideal. Does anyone know how to disable animal cleanup just for the spawned dogs? Dog mod This is the code which needs editing rather than switching off: server_spawnCleanAnimals = { private ["_pos","_delQtyAnimal","_qty","_missonAnimals","_nearby"]; _missonAnimals = entities "CAAnimalBase"; _delQtyAnimal = 0; { if (local _x) then { _x call dayz_perform_purge; sleep 0.05; _delQtyAnimal = _delQtyAnimal + 1; } else { if (!alive _x) then { _pos = getPosATL _x; if (count _pos > 0) then { _nearby = {(isPlayer _x) && (alive _x)} count (_pos nearEntities [["CAManBase","AllVehicles"], 130]); if (_nearby==0) then { _x call dayz_perform_purge; sleep 0.05; _delQtyAnimal = _delQtyAnimal + 1; }; }; }; }; sleep 0.001; } count _missonAnimals; if (_delQtyAnimal > 0) then { _qty = count _missonAnimals; diag_log (format["CLEANUP: Deleted %1 Animals out of %2",_delQtyAnimal,_qty]); }; }; Thanks in advance.
  18. CartoonrBOY

    Dogs being deleted

    This code works. Excellent work my friend. Many beans!
  19. CartoonrBOY

    Dayz Epoch Namalsk Blood suckers and EVR blowouts help

    Yes m8. This line "One last thing, make sure you are using the latest version of infistar on your server or the bloodsuckers will not decloak." I find this strange but I guess I will have to buy infistar anti-hack to get this working. Thanks for all your help SchwEde. Very much appreciated.
  20. CartoonrBOY

    Dayz Epoch Namalsk Blood suckers and EVR blowouts help

    Will do...always poking the code with a stick. I'll let y'all know if I find a solution first. Thanks again m8 :)
  21. CartoonrBOY

    Dayz Epoch Namalsk Blood suckers and EVR blowouts help

    I am not using infistar. I did read that this was perhaps required. Thanks for the reply, but can you confirm that this is the case? Thanks again SchwEde...
  22. CartoonrBOY

    Dayz Epoch Namalsk Blood suckers and EVR blowouts help

    Has there been a release for bloodsuckers? I can get them to spawn and attack but they will not decloak. I have attempted picking apart the dayz code to no avail. Any help would be a huge benefit to the community...
  23. CartoonrBOY

    Spawning FIRE

    I have been trying got get fire spawning on the server when it starts but to no avail. I have tried spawning the fire objects (cars) within the server files and the mission file as map additions. Does anyone have an idea why this isn't working? waitUntil {!isNil "dayz_animalCheck"}; sleep 60; if (isServer) then { _vehicle_69 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["SKODAWreck", [6665.3789, 2531.5535,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_69 = _this; _this setDir 150.43945; _this setPos [6665.3789, 2531.5535,0]; PVDZE_obj_Fire = [_this,3,time,false,false]; publicVariable "PVDZE_obj_Fire"; }; }; It will not even spawn the vehicles and I have no clue why. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance...
  24. CartoonrBOY

    Spawning FIRE

    Thank you so much - trying that out. I think perhaps it's the init command I was missing. You can see I already have the code but despite several variations it refused to ignite. I still don't understand why the vehicles weren't spawning at all... The code already exists within the isDedicated section of the compiles file though?
  25. Pray...that will surely help as it does in life.