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vbawol / RC2 Changelog

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0.3 RC1 has had a lot of good feedback and bug reports so far.  We will be addressing as many of these as we can this week and should have a new client build RC2 ( released by the end of the week.


Build ( rolling change log:


[Added] Owner of a Frequency Jammer device can now remove and get full refund of Jammer kit.
[Added] Ability to remove normal storage devices (Shelf and Tipi). Items will be dumped on the ground along with a partial refund of items.
[Added] Edit or add Trader prices "CfgPricing" via the missionConfigFile. (Documentation link)
[Added] Edit or add Crafting recipes "CfgCrafting" via the missionConfigFile. (Documentation link)
[Added] Antagonists spawn system overhaul with spawn bias system. (Documentation link)
[Changed] Crypto is now only tracked and stored via the server.
[Changed] Moved loot configs to epoch server settings pbo. (Documentation link)
[Changed] Antagonists spawn system overhaul. (Documentation link)
[Changed] Chance to spawn sapper every 5 minutes (max of 3 within 800m). Chances increase while in a city and if the player is soiled.
[Changed] Chance to spawn drone when player fires weapon (max of 3 within 800m). Chances increase while in a city and are reduced if player uses a silencer.
[Changed] Initial Sapper spawn distance increased.
[Changed] SR-25 and L85a2 use existing ammo now.
[Changed] Increased damage for speargun x2.
[Changed] Updated 3d interact system with new icons (Unknown, Dead Body).
[Fixed] UAV drone now spawns correctly at a distance so that it is longer audible on spawn.
[Fixed] Incorrect text output if trader is at max limit for item.
[Fixed] rvmat texture path issues with Pink L85A2
[Fixed] Mission document payout now uses unified loot spawn function.
[Fixed] Lower example NPC starter items to 50.
[Fixed] Removed developer debug from AH admin.
[info] Updated example server.cfg for 1.40.
Edited by vbawol
updated rolling changelog

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Testing is going well with only a few critical bugs reported so far, a new server build has been pushed to our test servers that address the following issues.
Server Side Changelog b4:
[Fixed] Crypto reset bug on death or fresh character.
[Fixed] Server side vehicle immunity for 1 minute after initial server startup, should prevent accidental damage on spawn.

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0.3.0.x Server Build 12 Notes: 


[Added] Damage level of base building objects now based on expiry time.

[Fixed] Vehicles didn't spawn in Citys on Bornholm. (Thanks to DarthRogue)
[Fixed] telePos was missing in Bornholm map-config.
[Changed] Persistance of damage of Base Building and storage objects removed.
[Changed] Balance loot and increased chances for explosives.

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