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  1. First off, welcome back!! Secondly, the proposed changes sound fantastic. Can't wait!
  2. That right there is your problem. Linux is case sensitive. Windows isn't, unless it's a password
  3. I would add to line #24 of scripts.txt !" [0]; systemChat localize "STR_HS_DOUBLECLICKTOADD";" and see if that stops it
  4. Can you post the actual BE kick. You say #0 thingy, but that doesn't help at all. I need to see the actual kick to know what needs to be added.
  5. Help preserve Face's sanity by using these handy tips for A3EAI: Before requesting A3EAI features, please consult the Denied Feature Requests list on the A3EAI Wikia site. Before asking where to change an A3EAI option - A3EAI_config.sqf contains all configuration options in one file. If experiencing issues with A3EAI, check your server RPT file first for any important hints.
  6. in a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo /configs/maps/australia.h
  7. Like this, mine is on line 28, HeliCrashes.sqf
  8. Easy, just find the init.sqf in the custom_server.pbo and comment out the missions you don't want to spawn Just add // before the [] execVM line and that line won't be read.
  9. Makes sense. Next restart I will let full debug run, and send you the file. EDIT: Log sent via PM
  10. I have the same thing. They flash three times, and disappear, but if it was made that way, awesome, I thought I borked something. The only issue I see is that there is no mission complete message anymore. We get the crate spawning, but no notice. Was it designed that was as well? Thanks!
  11. Yeah, I did a complete wipe of all files, that's why I am confused. I'll definitely do as you suggested and let you know what happens. Thanks Richie! EDIT: That was it Richie, my epochserver.ini just needed it's passwords reset, and bam, player persistence is back. Thank you again!!
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