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  1. They wrecked this mod with indestructible base parts imo...
  2. Same as the first settlers m8 :P
  3. Yeah in SA you need to really search for your Tampon applicators and Handbags....
  4. We had a full mil server (Within reason, no super OP stuff), seems in Australia all people want is care-bear servers where you can build hoarding rooms with impunity and big clans are harassed for being organised. The only Epoch server with any pop here (TF) might as well give out handbags and tampon applicators as a loadout. Mil would work really well on this map.
  5. Shameless Aussie Bump. Looks like the Gods at Zenithovmen have got a nice server for us down here.
  6. This is great, maybe a cross post but I wanna show this guy some love. http://www.ausisland.com/ Have a go ya mugs.
  7. Just FYI. http://www.ausisland.com/ Show old mate some funds if ya can.
  8. Australia is a Badass map. 360kph in a Sports hatch across desert is a blast. We have been doing 700kph combined speed head - on collisions, its fantastic. Planes are a must as well.
  9. Since latest Arma patch, flying about gives you a weird rolling fog "dome" about 500M around the player/heli. The server we play on has very low terrain settings (no grass etc) in a (vain?) attempt to raise server fps. Anyone else seen this or have screenshots? Bushy.
  10. Reminds me of Sailors doing a little Jig. Yarrr.
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