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  1. TolH

    Capture Points

    Maybe you are looking for something like this script here: No idea if this work, but that's the closest thing you are gonna get i think. EDIT: Nevermind, that's for arma3.
  2. TolH

    Server difficulty

    if you are able to make a search for an entire directory depending how you connect to your server control, try searching for files ending with .Arma3Profile Sorry not much of help, never had a server with that provider.
  3. TolH

    Epoch 0.5 Questions

    it's in: "\epoch_config\Configs\CfgEpochClient.hpp" look for:
  4. TolH

    Server difficulty

    Check in your server launch parameter after your loaded mod for something like this: [email protected]\server.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=SC_EPOCH [email protected]\basic.cfg -name=SC_EPOCH -malloc=tbbmalloc_x64 -autoinit If your parameter looks like this -profiles=SC_EPOCH and -name=SC_EPOCH then, go into your "\Arma 3\SC_EPOCH\users\SC_EPOCH" and open: SC_EPOCH.Arma3Profile Should look something like this: class Missions { class Epoch { template = epoch.Chernarus; // DO NOT CHANGE THIS, IT WILL BREAK YOUR SERVER difficulty = "Custom"; // difficulty settings: veteran == NORMAL, mercenary == HARDCORE }; };
  5. Hi, me again... sorry for being so dumb, but it looks like i am the only one asking for help here :D So i was playing with something i found out a few days ago (ArmA-UI-Editor) and had picture problem that i can't quite get why it's not working. The test picture on the left is working just fine, but the one to the right is not showing. Some will some other don't. Doesn't seem to matter if it's jpg,paa,png or whatever, some just don't want to be shown. What are the rule for picture that can be shown by the rscPicture. My test looks like this: solved. Accept .paa factor of 2.
  6. TolH

    [SOLVED]specific daytime at start of mission ?

    try in @epochhive and open epochconfig.hpp and check this out: StaticDateTime[] = {0,0,0,8,0}; // {0,0,0,8,0} would forces the server to start at 8am each time it is started while allowing the year, month and day to stay real time. Any values left at 0 will result in no change.
  7. TolH

    call Epoch_message;

    Just to add to this, after using: ["A new mission is now available.", 10] remoteExec ["Epoch_message",-2]; // -2 targets everyone but the server But in server rpt, this show up for each message send this way: (4:33:51 Wrong color format) . Edit: Also tried this: ["Mission starting in 5 seconds...", 5, [[0,0,0,0.2],[1,1,1,0.95]]] remoteExec ["Epoch_message",-2]; Still get Wrong color format in rpt Another script was doing it.
  8. TolH

    call Epoch_message;

    _msg = (_this select 1) select 0; // Would equal "New mission availible. Check Map." Thats great, thanks alot. Actually didn't know you could do = (_this select 1) select 0; Make sense now!
  9. TolH

    call Epoch_message;

    Just so i understand for future reference, from my first exemple: Epoch_Message1 = ["New mission available. Check map."]; publicVariable "Epoch_Message1"; ^ ^ _this select 0 _this select 1 Then to remove the bracket i used this from above: Epoch_Message1 = "New mission available. Check map."; publicVariable "Epoch_Message1"; Now, let's say i want to write a text in there but add a , in the text like so : "New mission available, Check map."; now without the [] my text should only be returning "New mission available ? and not the Check map also ? I know it's newb work for you guys, but it would really great if i can get it for future things. Thanks again. Oh and almost forgot, is the epoch_message accept color code to change it and font and size ? Nevermind, found the color part , third params for epoch message. _customCol = param[2,[]];
  10. TolH

    Town Militarization Mission Idea?!

    Completly forgot about this post. Right now there is only one mission working and not completed yet. But for your questions: 1: Mission will start at a random location from any ["NameVillage","NameCity","NameCityCapital"]. So it only spawn in random towns. 2: Depnding on mission, number of AI to defend thing can be customized, timer and skills can be changed for now. This is the config file if you wonder what can be changed for now. 3: No, not right now. 4: No not right now. Can only select wich vehicles and men you can spawn from a custom list. 5: No, will be adding something similar but with mission points. If your players reach let's say 5000 MissionPoints, something unlock to help for further mission. Still a w.i.p 6: Of course, who would want to do the mission for nothing :D (Very simple loot box for now) 1 Medic+1Construction and 1 weapon/ammo crate. 7: All AI should be patrolling around the area, never at the same place. There is air,ground vehicle and normal men patrolling all around this 1.2 km radius. Also AI hiding inside building waiting for you to enter and fuck you up as you last expected. If you have any cool mission idea, please leave it here. Currently working on a PvP mission for server A LA battleground. For frags and giggle. This should be fun. With marker getting smaller and smaller and player needing to get closer and closer from each other until only 1 is left alive. Also doing a Night of the living dead event. A bit like the thunderstorm in namalsk, but with zombie that will last for like 15 minutes. Can you survive the living dead for 15 minutes? definatly not i would say. You can always check it here for what i have in mind for mission or anything else: https://github.com/TolH/-T.I.M.S-/projects/1
  11. TolH

    Broken Phone Please help

    Just a guess, if you added this at the end of your altis.h did you remove the extra , at the end of your last line before the }; Only thing i can see right now. Or post your complete file.
  12. TolH

    call Epoch_message;

    yes, even better! works great. Thank you.
  13. TolH

    call Epoch_message;

    well thanks it is working without the bracket now.. Tested it without before and it wasn't working so i wasn't sure. cheers! Thank you.
  14. TolH

    call Epoch_message;

    Hello, Ive got a question about the epoch_message notification. I really like the notification epoch uses and wanted to add it to my mission to notify player but i am having format problem. this is what i did: Client: //"Epoch_Message1" "Epoch_Message1" addPublicVariableEventHandler { private ["_Epoch_msg"]; _Epoch_msg = _this select 1; [_Epoch_msg, 10] call Epoch_message; }; And server uses this to use it: Epoch_Message1 = ["New mission available. Check map."]; publicVariable "Epoch_Message1"; But as you can see on the picture below, the message copy the [ and the " "How can i get ride of it without breaking it. If i remove anything it doesn't work. Thanks!
  15. Hi, I am working on a mission system to militarize my server and i thought i would share and see if anyone is interested in it. But mainly posting this for fun mission idea. It's still a w.i.p and the main mission i am working on is not completed yet. link here: https://github.com/TolH/-T.I.M.S- No install instruction, no be filter, really want to gather some good mission idea. So far, the mission spawn around 50AI around a 1,2km radius of town. Ai unit patrol around, vehicle patrol, air patrol and some AI hiding inside building. Main goal of the mission is to go claim the radioTower and kill all AI for now. AI can also claim the tower. And that's where i am at right now with alot more stuff to add in. Have a good mission idea ? please leave it here! Thanks