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  1. I am trying to get this mod working as well and everything looks fine except the rope gets deleted as it is deployed, looking through the rpt I am getting the "invalid vehicle token" entry although there is no vehicle involved as I am testing it on a building which is confusing. I am not getting the dimension errors mentioned above though so I am assuming the Device Object is ok. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Hi Halv, I just wanted to say that I did try your suggestion of changing the line in the standard AH and was overjoyed at first because it seemed to fix the issue but on further observation of the players they were popping back up again I understand that it is the anti TP but you are correct in stating that I do not understand the script. I would also like to say I appreciate your time and creation of this addon because it is awesome even in it's current impaired state due to the AH.
  3. Face is probably the most generous and unassuming contributor to the Arma mod community I have ever come across and has been selflessly giving for years having done sterling work in Arma 2 he went on to provide what could be arguably called the gold standard in AI scripts and has always refined and honed his work, Personally I am very grateful to him, could never thank him enough and wholly understand that he has a life and responsibilities outside of these communities I hope he realises his aspirations in life and does not dwell on the comments of the unthinking, the lives of server owners and a myriad of unsuspecting players will be the worse for his absence.
  4. Safes can be found and swords are classed as tools so anywhere you find tool items there is a chance to find a sword.
  5. Just thought I would top up the moral support and say I am looking forward to the release of this new bright and shiny VEMF, I have always liked shiny things, (he said wringing his hands and with a covetous look in his eye).
  6. This is an old chestnut for me and I remembered posting on it at Epoch's early iteration but I felt I would like to mention it again at this point. Personally I have always thought that specific loot types should only be available at specific locations that reflect on real world situations very much like the old Dayz, ie primary and high end weapons at military buildings, medical supplies at hospitals and medic cabinets, building and industrial items at the relevant sites and side arms and ammo in more mundane buildings etc. Now I already have most of this setup via a seperate loot spawner script with the relevant edits to the Epoch loot table which is fine except I invariably have to do these edits on every update which I would not have to do if the loot was where I think it should be in the first place. I know there has been some efforts in the past to address this but it is still not defined to the degree I have mentioned above therefore this is by way of a humble request to implement this, always assuming it is agreeable to your own ideas of course.
  7. Just trying your sleep 60; solution to this problem as I am getting the same error in my rpt ie ;- Error in expression <(_obj isKindOf "Ship"))then{ _obj call EPOCH_server_setVToken; }; } foreach _ob> Error position: <EPOCH_server_setVToken; }; } foreach _ob> Error Undefined variable in expression: epoch_server_setvtoken You say you have put sleep 60; in before executing script so I have tried it before the private ["_objs"]; line in the code and also on the first line of the fm_init.sqf but both locations have not solved the issue so could you be more specific on where you included the sleep 60 delay ?
  8. Thanks Ghost, I did see that but like you nobody reported back positive to that edit so did not try it, unfortunately I am not very well up on writing this kind of thing.
  9. The Halo glitch is widespread and nobody has published a fix for this, essentially it is a script and and not part of vanilla Epoch so have we to rely on the generosity of anyone who may have found a cure to let us know about it.
  10. Reading through the thread and there does not seem to be a definative answer to the getting spawned back up to 1000m meter problem when using halo spawn, did anyone find a cure for this ?
  11. Great to hear that Vamp and if I knew anything about writing code I would gladly help, I can offer moral support in droves though, lol.
  12. It's true half the battle is being able to imagine something first and THEN try to make it possible, creative muse is an important keystone to projects like this but I do not under estimate yours and Mr Smiths contributions either. I will confine any further posts on Isla De Spero to the proper thread now though.
  13. Yes welcome back Vamp ! At this stage any new direction for VEMF would be great, as always players get a little jaded with the same game play so new content is always welcome, having said this VEMF has been a major mainstay for my server since it's release and appreciate your efforts and IT07's for allowing me to continue to use it. Importantly to me is having a reasonable level of customisation to suit my needs and would appreciate any new versions having this option. I must of not been paying attention as I did not realise you were behind Isla De Spero, this is the only new map I have taken more then a passing interest in and the reason for this is it's islands, I have always liked creating sector B type locations but have never come across an ideal map for these scenarios other then Taviana and I did not want to go back to this always hoping for something new. With this in mind I would really love to see an island that is ideally suited to building, ie as level as possible. The other thing that I really appreciate is a good selection of buildings, my first choice is always those with interiors in fact this goes for all assets/objects I think as many as possible should be interactive as it improves immersion within the game. Sorry about going off on a bit of a tangent on Isla De Spero as I realise this is a VEMF thread, that was just what was going through my head at the time.
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