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Looting Crypto from corpse


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In my experience, the krypto disappears as soon as the player respawns. The krypto only stay with the body if the player is waiting to be revived.


The money will stay on the body if the guy respawns. crypto stays there for ages. 


OnT, if u not able to pick up it when u see the " iphone " Try to move all the gear from the body. And then u should be able to take the money

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I've heard there are plans to make it impossible for you to store Crypto (safe/bank)... is that true?

I understand that some people might not like the idea of hoarding hundreds of briefcases full of gold but this won't fix it.. People will just find AN item that is worth a lot and doesn't take much space... then they will mass buy that item and store it in a base... so we might not have cash on us but whenever we need it.. we pick up the X item.. sell it... and immediately buy something for Crypto we got from selling it.

(So works exactly as in A2Epoch just with a one extra tedious step.


IMHO: Making it impossible - fine. But making it just harder... bad idea ;/ why change something that's not broken? People will still find a way around.. no one will run around with 10k Crypto on them coz they "can't" store it.


That's just an opinion my friends and I share though... and alpha is alpha...

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Yesterday I killed 2 players, none of them dropped this "yellow phone" device. Later I died from a glitch (far away from any players) and got back to my corpse, all my stuff was still there but no krypto device at all. Took all my gear and searched everywhere around the body but I couldnt find it. I died on the beach in broad daylight so I doubt I have missed it. Lost over 1300 krypto!!! :(  (I just mention this to arouse pity :P ).


So is there a chance that this device just won't drop? Or was it just really bad luck and in all 3 cases it glitched into the ground or sth. like that?

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Some buildings are badly placed and you even glitch thru some floors so the loot is gone. The north barrack in Athira is a extreme one, Bi has known this for a long time but done nothing about it.

Killing people in some stairs can be really annoying to.

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