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    Lockboxes Bugged?

    Yeah. Person who places it has to use it first, then others can access it.
  2. I agree, a big thank you from me aswell. Cheers
  3. I tried giving a player some items through the trade system, my main inventory was wiped and other player did not recieve any items. Was not fun having no food or drinks. Lost all me wiskey
  4. Was on this am aswell, can confirm no restart since 9pm last night
  5. Yeah thanks. Got it today. Died heaps. lol
  6. Hey guys I hav'nt been able to, read dont know how, to loot cash from my corpse after death. Cheers
  7. There some youtube vids showing off the game, very helpful when starting out.
  8. I guess we are all Aussie or Kiwi here. My in game name is the same. Hopefully some guys would like to setup some groups, I'd be keen to join a group instead of lone wolfing it. Cheers Oggies
  9. Nice. Gonna be good to have decent ping. The mod is really good. Well done Devs.
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