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    Love camping, ok it really is considered deluxe camping. Love the out doors, and really enjoy meeting new people.

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  1. MPG

    Is it just me?

    Acually they are to help you e-jack-ulate
  2. MPG

    Server auto restarting at the wrong times...

    this should be moved to http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/forum/62-server-install-help/
  3. well said my point since the beginning is that on my server im alone by increasing loot spawn my chances of finding shit are greater.
  4. MPG

    Maca CCG Overpoch Response

    What it comes down to apart from being to each his own opinion is that a road has 2 was and we cant all be going the same way, but also sometime you can have a face to face. Merry Christmas everyone and a happy New Years.
  5. MPG

    Why ruin the game

    With the $$$ he gives me i can buy the aspirin.
  6. MPG

    Why ruin the game

    To much drama for me today i will stop posting and just read. Almost going to die of laughter.
  7. MPG

    Why ruin the game

    Please do so.
  8. MPG

    Why ruin the game

    Well fucking said bro.
  9. MPG

    Why ruin the game

    For real i had a 230$ dedi box with nfo and had to down size to a 55$ one just to be legit with Epoch which is cool but hey someone has to fucking pay the bill. lol
  10. MPG

    Maca CCG Overpoch Response

    so this is your shit disturber name i c.
  11. MPG

    Why ruin the game

    Dude me and you are ment to be together if you ever feel like chatting hit me up on ts you funny as hell.
  12. MPG

    Maca CCG Overpoch Response

    never came across a musician that has no links to his things like profile like post like twitch and i was referring to the fact that you never downloaded something copy righted or what not. Its like saying you dont masturbate.
  13. MPG

    Maca CCG Overpoch Response

    also if you a musician why dont you cry me a river. Though i was funny it is a song lol
  14. MPG

    Maca CCG Overpoch Response

    your full of shit