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  1. I was messing around with another similar mod for a while and finally got fed up with the way it handles it's plot pole degradation where if you don't renew everything vanishes all at once. So.. I'm considering coming back to E3 BUT before I do I would like to know how this mod handles it. I recall in A2 Epoch would have a degradation of each individual base piece SO if you forgot to renew or update your pole you may come to find only a few pieces of your base required to be rebuilt and not everything gone all at once missing ONE server restart. Can anyone chime in and let me know how it works for casual players that may miss a day or two on renewing their pole. Nothing sux more than missing a day and logging in to see everything you done over months gone in an instant. Thx
  2. Brez

    Base Ideas

    Interesting Tiki ramp roof. May have looked cooler if you turned the inside ones outward so they matched up with the outter ones so it looked like a double A frame or raised up the inner ramps to line up to make a single A frame roof.
  3. Overly Sensitive would be a correct statement. Mentioned it a while back they may want to reduce the sensitivity. Haven't seen anyone flying those in a long time.
  4. just fly it through the door and don't use auto hover.. that's for newbies. Oh.. and more importantly.. NEVER us that chopper.. It's a death trap and most players know it.
  5. Brez

    Arma3 1.54 update

    Well I guess for you server owners who need players.. Turn off the fatigue system and extreme gun "I'm drunk as f**k" sway system.. put it in your server title and you'll have more players than ever before. I wonder how a 2km run goes with 2 cinders and 2 mortars in your backpack.. probably not so good. And to say players shouldn't do that just limits game play extremely. Base building alone is seriously affected by these new undesirable mechanics.
  6. Brez

    Arma3 1.54 update

    Got on for about 5 minutes then logged off. Not interested in playing in it's current state. IF I wanted to experience all this life like sh|t I'd go join the military instead of playing a video game. BI is going overboard on realism. Now the modding community has to play "Fix the shit BI broke" once again. If it stayed the way it currently is you could watch Epoch servers drop every hour. SO much for being a military sim that has tuff military characters that can hold their own.. BI turned them into pussies who can't even hold a third of a backpack with a few mags and couple of cans of drink/food.. Must of modeled the A3 characters abilities after the staff at BI... bunch of wimps.
  7. Brez

    New base item

    I would love to see directional snapping.. Seems that snapping is only to the item directly below the object to be placed. Sometimes you want to snap to the object to the left/right of the one being placed. Snap Building pro would be ideal in A3E. I've also noticed snapping is applying physics some of the time and others it's not... Seems like it needs further work. Ideally it would be good to have two modes when placing objects. One that applies physics and one that will not. I'm also not sure why the more finite movement of building objects was removed when placing them. If I recall correctly it was CTRL-Arrow Key that would move objects at smaller intervals. Seems to not be there Anymore.
  8. You may want to allow the Stairs to upgrade the top to a metal floor as it sure sticks out amongst all the other metal floors around it now.
  9. Brez

    New base item

    Let the blocking of the road trolling begin!
  10. Brez


    I'm putting my money on a badmin... go find another server
  11. Brez

    Epoch update

    Soon... Nice to see some new stuff.. been loggin in and gearin ma stuff to keep it knowing i'll be back sometime. Pain in the arse starting over
  12. Epoch should clearly define various items in-game that are classified : Hard-2-get As it is right now there is nothing that is hard to get so players go on a server... do all that epoch offers and get bored really quickly and quite and go do something else. I remember back in my Origins days.. NVG's were very rare and sought after. Epoch doesn't have any rare items
  13. On a side note I'd like to send out a big welcome the Epoch development teams newest member SteamPunkGears
  14. Wonder what a player would be spending 40grand on. They gonna buy a town or are prices that heavy on the server?
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