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  1. URHGHHHH WHY NOW?! I don't have time atm :(
  2. Mission names changed? No more humoristic "Hello Kitty" missions ;) hehe. Not that I mind, just questioned by one of my players... Other than that, I love it!
  3. Some numpty scrolling on the "Unhook" option ;)
  4. IT07 - Views aren't "Unique" - for example, I check out your VEMF post numerous times a week just because there are lots of conversations and useful information on there. So those 5000 views are probably a lot less unique views. In terms of appreciation, all the scripts I've personally used I send thanks and give feedback - like yourself, I loved it so much I donated and will do again at the end of the month when I get paid because the amount of support you've given and updates is absolutely astonishing. Yes, there are many others that just come and do a "snatch and grab" which is totally unfair - forgetting that it is persons own time to actually make these awesome scripts and make EPOCH what it is today. But then, we all have to remember, all of this is free and nobody should be expecting rewards from it but the appreciations from other people - which at times like you said isn't received. From me though, my two pence, I appreciate you and every other contributor that makes my server worthwhile and my players (although not many atm) really happy and coming back every day!
  5. It's a good system. Provides a risk factor of people transferring large amounts of it outside of trader areas.
  6. They're looking for players. Change the complete to 90% in the config files... That means you only need to kill 9/10 or 18/20 people.
  7. This may help you...
  8. Demi

    Killhouse Building - HELP

    Thank you for letting me know :)
  9. I feel like I'm being very stupid... http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19917 Used that - want to upload it to my server - it's hosted. Added this in Altis.H folder under propsPos[] = { and made sure the last one didn't have a comma. {"Land_MBG_Warehouse",{13100,18723.6,0},45,0,0,false}, {"Land_MBG_Warehouse",{18463.2,16513.2,0},336.364,0,0,false}, {"Land_MBG_Warehouse",{9736.54,12195.9,0},315.455,0,0,false}, {"Land_MBG_Warehouse",{5542.92,14917.6,0},128.182,0,0,false} Added the mbg_killhouses.pbo under @epochhive\addons Seems to not want to even load the server up... I remove the mbg_killhouse.pbo - server works fine. Any help appreciated please?
  10. Demi

    [Epoch] Briefing Script

    Seems to have fixed itself.
  11. And as such, I'm asking which filter it may be as it isn't bringing up anything but "create vehicle restriction #0" due to the rocket launchers.
  12. It was due to the rockets on the Pawnee. Nothing particular in logs but that error..
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