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    Player stats and forums activity says it all. it's a shame as ive been playing this since 2 months before release, but really has failed to keep up with the survival expectations, as other mods/games have filled it's place. the only thing that would save epoch is to start the mod from scratch or start a different project altogether, as i can't see you winning players back with that building and traders system, and mod breaking bugs. and evey youtuber/streamer i know IRL thinks the same, non of them can imagine spending time using that building system ever again.
  2. i got a 8350oc @4.5 and a 270x and the game runs fine on max setting with view distance on 2k. my mate only gets 5fps more then my on the same server standing in the same place facing the same way and he's got a i7 4960k with a 970
  3. Maybe they finally fixed the safe/lockbox glitch people was using to gain access to safes/lockboxs, by not letting anyone access them at all lol
  4. The numbers don't lie KPABATOK LOL
  5. I felt E-FLOP has gone in the wrong direction and executed a couple of gamebreaking things badly, and Exile has come along looked at all them things and listened to what the community wanted and sorted it, and gave us something that already feels more polished and complete.
  6. I dont know why esseker has got so many votes, small map with hardly anything on it and very unfinished
  7. Every server we had or played on that's been hosted by FPG have run like crap with endless desyn.
  8. yeah we had a couple of servers with them, always lagging and going down and when they messed something up there end, we was left with one server that we couldnt use for last 3 weeks when they messed something up there end and refused to reset it back. im currently playing on a server hosted by them and it's still lagging endless desync even tho my ping is 12 and my bandwith is 4k.
  9. Esseker aint all that not tryed Australia yet
  10. Be better if the Krypto was on your body with a check pocket option, ive lost count of how many times my Krypto has fallen under a building or a object i was using for cover, same with guns
  11. Can you do one for the mod packs like mas and rhs backpacks?
  12. DayZ Vet


    Didn't BI say that marksman was the last payed dlc for Arma 3 and the rest will be free!
  13. Does that include the shadows under the buildings?
  14. i cant confirm what your asking but have you seem the RHS mods? might be a better solution. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27150 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27149
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