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  1. I know there will be a penalty system implemented for killing traders but had an idea about a bounty system added to a trader killer also. Possibly a differnet colored (red) hex that would appear, say every 30 seconds, and flash 2-3 times then disappear when the trader killer has been eliminated. The flashing hex would give us a general location (kind of like a GPS tracker but only show on the horizon, not on the map or GPS) so we could track the killer down and server some "street justice" for killing the traders. This should make people think twice before they kill a trader and add in some "hide and seek" excitement for the bandit type players. Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas?
  2. i was building a base in the tall weeds by the coast while a buddy watched. it started raining and my buddy asked if i was hurt, before i could even access debug to see damage i was dead from 3 snakes attacking me. I fell down, the wall fell on top of me, my buddy comes to try and revive me and the snakes attack him He managed to limp away to a safe distance while i respawned and made my way back. the snakes "patrolled" the area until it stopped raining. funny stuff :D
  3. AU & ATL for me. even logged and deleted A3 profile from docs and tried again with no luck
  4. Same thing happened to me several times last night. Tried to lower brightness, as soon as the video settings window opened I was kicked #64. Same also happens with CTRL+M to open GPS minimap. I ended up moving my GPS into my backback after being kicked 6-8 times since the hotkey is a habit :D
  5. As the title says, I just wanted to take a second to say THANKS to the people behind the scenes that do what they do and don't get a lot of recognition for their time and effort. Without doing what you do, for the love of the game, none of us would have & enjoy Epoch. vbAWOL Axles Sequisha Kiory123 VBGreen Skaronator Axeman OrangeSherbet melly I know that i'm missing a few people here.... Thanks, a round of WhiskeyNoodle on me.
  6. look around the body, normally like 3 feet away, and you might see something that looks like an iphone.... you should get a scroll option to "pick up crypto" if the player had any.
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