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What has happened to the "apocalypse" gameplay?

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This is a mix of rant, confusion, as well as a "search".


DayZ/Epoch was intended to be an "apocalypse" survival.


Now.....there's so many servers that have these unrealistic addons that take away from the apocalypse feeling that it has come to this:


Why play?

From spawning bikes/cars, starting off with everything you need plus some, god mode in trader cities, auto refuel.....(I could go on)...this has become something other than an apocalypse survival game.



Now I know most are going to say "Well people camp at trader cities and kill people" and other bashing and insults. My response: DayZ was meant to be a challenge. Now? It's too easy.


My clan and I are looking for a server that keeps the survival feel that DayZ and Epoch intended. Seems that we are unable to find it. Why has everyone taken away from the survial mode?


I know my clan feels the same way. Does anyone else?

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i try to focus my severer on realism, we don't have any donor perks , we don't have any think i think that ruins the game play no god mode bases no 1000+ cars you don't spawn with a weapon or a map (unless u reach hero or bandit), you should come check out one of my servers its pretty fun and pretty hard. we have DZAI & roaming vehicles/helis to keep the game interesting with some custom WAI missions 

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We also trying out the apocalypse survival.

We got 


AI Missions

AI Air Drops

Auto Refueling at gas stations

Snap Tool

Traders - No SAFE ZONES

Custom Map

JSRS & Blast Core Supported


there are 2 or 3 mods. but its not game changing


Rules are limited. Info can be seen under the post

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There are people who want the survival experience. Some of these played all the popular servers with easy street features and then got bored. The opposite of how some got bored with survival elements. We have a few hang out on our Tavi server, plus those on our Vanilla server have practically all come back from Epoch.

Trouble is, there's more survival lovers who go on to make a survival server than there are arcade players who go on to make an arcade server. There's a shit ton of survival servers that average out at 5 regular players if lucky. Survivalists are a picky bunch.

Overall, Epoch isn't an apocalyptic mod sadly. It does some other things splendidly but overall it caters for the more pick up and play gamers due to it having traders that are easily accessible and generously priced by default. Traders that remove so much of the scavenging aspect and feel of desperation. If you want apocalyptic gameplay you either go back to the Mod or find a hard Epoch server that is probably rather quiet, sadly.

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Hey, Gunz here from EvOG


I think that the whole reason why Epoch took off in the first place was because it added something more to the game, a higher goal if you will. The implementation of base building means that there is always a goal to be achieved like improving your base. This is why the standalone is still less popular (or unless I think so) because once you have a gun and some gear there isn't much more to the game. Then Epoch comes along and adds in a ton more features and people have a reason to play again.


Then comes LordGeorge and the creation of OverPoch (Epoch merged with Overwatch for any newbies out there) and suddenly theres even MORE guns and obtainable things in game. This is why this took off as it did. The fact is people want to play with a main goal, an objective, without that there is no reason to do the same thing over and over. For people who like the realism and apocalyptic side of the game then I think that Arma 2 DayZ is not for you and the standalone may be better.




When OverPoch was first released on our servers a good 8 months ago now we had about a 1.5gb download of custom add ons as well as Overwatch. Its a shame that it didn't get popular with the downloadable content as it added even more to the game.



People might like the apocalypse theme, but most certainly don't enjoy apocalypse gameplay. If they did, mods like 2017 would have enjoyed more success. Players like their big guns and shiny cars. 


The fact is, people want to play to accomplish something, and a realistic game is never going to be able to full fill that wish, which is why mods like Epoch and OverPoch are so popular.

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At the Killin Zedz community, we are attempting to create an environment where it's not ridiculous easy, but at the same time not making it completely frustrating to new players. In my quest to achieve that, I created the Survivalist Mod: http://survivalist.killinzedz.net. I am currently developing version 2 of this, which will bring my servers more to the survivalist setting: http://killinzedz.net/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=31


Let's face it, if we really want a true apocalypse experience, we'd be running regular Dayz mod instead of Epoch. I tried it out again recently and man have they made strides! Epoch is taking place at a time when civilization is returning and things aren't as hard as they were so it's not going to be a purse apocalypse experience. 

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Players tend to want a persistent FPS world where you don't have to spend hours grinding away. Perhaps if the zombies were better put together it might work like that. But the whole "survival" thing was a crock of shit anyway. A standard vanilla server is just as easy to survive on. 


Epoch took off due to the flexibility of the mod and a development team who had a plan, but were also happy to compromise and let server admins do their own thing. 

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All very good points. I tend to agree with the notion that most players want big guns and shiny new vehicles. Personally, I'd like the choice of both scenarios.


I think (not know) a middle ground could be achieved if the traders' prices were more in line with real life, for example............................


A can of Red Bull sells for the same price as you can buy a mozzie for on the server I love and play on. That is fundamentally flawed, but bloody marvelous fun that you can be in the air after a quick loot around a supermarket.


Also, the ease of sourcing fuel is way too easy, but again, it frees up time to concentrate on PvP. In a real life scenario of anarchy and chaos, fuel would be right up there as one the most sought after commodities along with food. But sadly it's freely available at every petrol station and rusty brown tanks across all maps.


So yeah, I think if the good stuff was very expensive to buy, and very difficult to find on the landscape, you'd have a more balanced server. Also, if the ease of sustaining one's health was made much harder, such as bloodbagging only available at the medical trader for example, you would by default make the server harder to survive.


Regards to God zones, I really do believe they are a must, even on the hardest of servers. I know it's a cop-out, but it's a very easy way to mimic the kind of order one would expect at a market place. After all, they are markets and no traders would hang around if customers were being slaughtered while trading with them.

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Traders that just hang around and can spawn helis and guns whenever they want, such realism :D player to player trades just end up in someone being killed though :/

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As a server owner .. my users are half 10-15 and half 25-50 most of the kids are cool.. there are a couple that always are whining .. one in england .. kept bugging me to tp him to me .. thought he would be safer with me  lol .. Dumb Ass LOL

Last time he begged me to I was standing in a field of 50 bandits and 20 or os zombies .. I told him he would die if I did ... oh please please .. I said ok u asked for it .. he lived about 1.2 seconds.. never asked again lol

I have set up an arena for whiners.. its a static dzai extreme location .. spawns them in a side room.. with a loot box of guns and ammo ..if they survive they get 2 briefcase of gold.. so far none have lived and only lost one that never came back .. the others still come and play .. they just don't whine anymore lol

I dont have a huge population of players .. about 20 reg players.. I've hit 40 once, and this server has only been in existence a since september.. Just trying made a server I would want to play on .. I had a group of 4 that played every day .. then one got auto banned for #38 .. so i banned the whole group .. not sure what the heck they where up to .. but I just don't want players like that around .. if u need to dupe hack etc .. then maybe u need to find a different game .. end the end what does it really do for you ? u have a big pile of virtual stuff .. uh huh .. and that does what ?

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