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  1. Where can I find the client files for 1.0.6 to go along with the server files?
  2. Hello, Looking for a partner if you would, to help start up a Vanilla Epoch community. Today's Epoch servers are complete and utter shit with all these addons and map additions. It's just absolutely atrocious. I ask if you are interested that you have some type of experience with operating with dedicated servers, databases, MySQL, and working with C#/C++. Feel free to message me.
  3. What's the status on 1.0.6? Is it really being updated?
  4. Seems like there is no vanilla epoch servers out there anymore. Anybody know any?
  5. Does anyone know if there are some decent vanilla epoch servers out there. No addons that make the game easy. Just good old fashion Epoch. Haven't really seen any as everyone now days are leaning towards packing their servers with so many addons that it's not even a challenge. If anyone knows a community of server that has a vanilla server let me know. I'd really apperciate it.
  6. Explain what your having trouble with
  7. Triage

    What server host?

    Vert hosting all the way. Stay away from gtx gaming like the plague.
  8. How have gamers been spoiled for the past 20 years when half of this mess hasn't even been going on for 20 years? Mods are not made to be sold, and they want never be. The proof is in the pudding, look what Valve and Bethesda tried to do. Then look at the retaliation. Steam lost MILLIONS because of this shit. They want be doing it again.
  9. I'm just glad to know valve and Bethesda are listening to the community. Unlike many other gaming companies.
  10. There are already great mods and there are many still being made. No need to re-invent the wheel when everyone is happy with what they have.
  11. I saw that LOL. This is the funniest shit ever.
  12. VICTORY! They removed the paid addons!
  13. Change this ​_CUF = false; in infistar config to false.
  14. Triage

    [script] Instant Respawn

    This would be AMAZING, good luck.
  15. The only way you can get good at becomig a better server hoster is if you look at all the tutorials on the forums. You're going to fail and run into a bunch of errors but atleast you will learn from them. Trial and error my friend trial and error.
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