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  1. you also need to load the .hpp files in your mission folder
  2. from what i can see everything seems to be just fine. Can you post the whole script? im using this script for zombie infection and its working just fine: if ((random 1 < 0.3)) then { r_player_infected = true; player setVariable["USEC_infected",true,true]; };
  3. I know someone doing it completely for free, every script, customization and server maintenance: Also this thread is dead and I wouldn't expect any answer here ^^
  4. Whoopsie, yep I meant mikeeys ^^"
  5. Nice One :D Well still no interest to fix code from other authors, at least not now :)
  6. I just edited the original code with the message. I did not ask permission nor I want to edit the code from its original author. Also I'm pretty aware of it, but how about giving a beer solution for that instead of simply telling that this is a bad idea;P PS never called myself a coder either :P
  7. Use makas precise building. If it's still appears then there's nothing you can do about it
  8. this should help xD Idiot-Proof :)
  9. look in the RPT, this is allways the first place you need to look at if something not working right ;)
  10. multiPlyWith = 1; _i=0; while {_i < 7} do { if ( _i == 1) then { _reward = (10000 * multiPlyWith); player setVariable ["cashMoney", ((player getVariable ["cashMoney", 0]) + _reward), true]; cutText [format["Thank you for playing on Epoch Survivors, Your Loyalty has been rewarded"], "PLAIN DOWN"]; multiPlyWith = multiPlyWith + 1; _i = 0; }; sleep 1800; _i = _i + 1; };
  11. well the 5 is your parameter: if(_location1 distance _location2 > 5) exitWith { Same for the other part
  12. i have a dedi machine and can provide you with some space if you like :) PN me for further info Gerne auch auf deutsch ;)
  13. sounds like a problem with server_updateObject.sqf What about the inventory is that changing? Check this part: _object_position = { **code** };
  14. you dont have to post your whole rpt, the last entries are enough: always starts like this: some startup infos here ===================================================================== Exe timestamp: 2014/07/27 19:57:43 Current time: 2015/06/08 14:59:33 Version 1.63.125548 and everything beneath this lines you can post it, just make sure you grab the latest ones :)