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  1. I already have players :) Don't worry ! The server is up but is crashing randomly without specific messages in the rpt. I'll check that after dinner :) EDIT : I found the clue... my db was still in sot the cleanup was messing up the server !
  2. Many thanks for your answer, I used to have servers in the past and would like to play again to arma2... overpochins was my last server 3 years ago ! I'll try with :)
  3. Hello all ! Does someone have an updated version for (mission and server) ? I tried to update it by myself but I messed up... Many thanks for your help ! :)
  4. I confirm it is working with the latest version of Epoch (no db changes). Just a few performances issues but it is a great job. I'm waiting for 0.3 version and fixes. And yes you can run it wherever you are. You will only have to setup well the config file.
  5. Hi all, I would like to know if someone know how to add a restrain script (like in Altis Life or other mods => example : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=24675)to epoch ? Thank you in advance for your help. Best regards, fouc.
  6. Solution found, it was due to my antihack... Server up and working ;)
  7. When disconecting and reconnecting, some of my players are spawn in the water south of the big bridge (the original one from tavi). Do someone have the same issue ? Second issue : the lock/unlock action is not working. Same question ! Many thanks.
  8. Can someone please post a clear tuto on how to make it work ? (dl to do client and server side, server files dl and configuration) It could be very helpfull. Many thanks !
  9. I've changed the pass to fit with the rcon one. But redis stay at : [4116] 06 Dec 14:09:28.398 # Server started, Redis version 2.8.12 [4116] 06 Dec 14:09:28.398 * The server is now ready to accept connections on port 6379 Do I need to open 6379 port ? Many thanks for your help.
  10. When do you plan to release it ? Can't wait for it :p Great job and keep going ;)
  11. When do you plan to release next update ?
  12. I'm looking for camps or greater for cities or castles to use it with some AI defenders or for RP stuffs.
  13. I'm not good with editor... I usually use pre-build sqf and change coord to make it work with other maps (generally on flat areas).
  14. Hi, Do someone have a live map of Sauerland available (like dayzdb or other sites) ? Many thanks. fouc
  15. Hi all ! I've been looking this forum section since a few weeks but never seen any Sauerland mapping. Does anyone have some to share ? I can adapt some mapping from other maps but it could lead to some issues... So I would really appreciate some share from anyone : like bases, PNJ cities, ... Many thanks. fouc
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