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  1. A certain unnamed server company is trying to pass this off as their own. A lot of work went in the these files by not only myself but to all the creators of the different scripts that are included. After I asked them to not do so they ignored my wishes so now like I said in another post is release time for all. There are a few things that need added like a hud edit which will be added as soon as I can or if some one else feels free to add to it, Mods included but not limited to (if i forgot anyone I do apologize) Single Currency 2.0 ( Extension) - Soul Single Currency 3.0 ( Extension) - Zupa Single Currency Development functions - Zupa Single Currency Traders - Zupa Transfer Money from ATM - Rocu JAEM Chopper Evac SC - Zupa Axe Cop Service Points SC - Zupa Banker NPC's - MGM http://github.com/XerxesIV/Single-Currency-4.0
  2. Here are the Mission files for the one click stuff https://github.com/XerxesIV/DayZEpoch1Click Its cute they have blocked all contact with me now that I told them to stop charging for the mission files. Some one sent me a picture that they are indeed still putting the files on the site
  3. I designed the mission file and as soon as I did they fired me, I had a dedicated box I paid for and on the termination day the "raid card" dies and all the hard drives were wiped. The clan that my self and a few other do work lost months of work not just Epoch but CS-Go and Gary Mods stuff, alot of it was custom I set up the mission file not Ken...Ken is their TCADMIN guy and the files were never meant to be the default files but s option nor were they supposed to be locked down. That in itself is just stupid. The customer should be able to edit the mission file unless they changed something and are hiding it. I asked them to stop charging for using my files they say no.They made it the default mission file.. I made a custom hybrid banking system that was a combo of Souls 2.0 and Zupa's 3.0. I specifically asked Matt the head of GTX to remove the files as they did not have permission to use them or to charge for them. I will repeat , GTX I have spoken to you at length that YOU are NOT to Use the New Banking files. I will be setting up a GITHUB and I will be posting the link and the files in the proper forum, with instructions in the next few days FOR FREE, restiction free with the proper people credited like Soul, Zupa and few i may of missed.
  4. I'm on your side with this one Maca
  5. I would rather have mysql but that's my preference as a-lot of server owners would like it as well
  6. Bornholm is a good map, lots of potential in it . Also its in a different category so it does not matter
  7. looking good......will be looking forward to more
  8. Im using a dedicated box
  9. Im having the same issue
  10. im stuck at wait for host, switch it back to 112555 on default mission and its fine
  11. Server has no port in the server window
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