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  1. Rock monster finally here? Teehee.
  2. I never compared them, but they are comparable when you look at them and their features. Looting based economy. Base building with controlled territory (jammer/flag) . Crafting and cooking. Group ability. Open world. Apart from armless walking bombs and entrancing cloaks, they're piratically identical.....IMO.
  3. Exile is brilliantly hard and unforgiving. It has a brilliant trader system. It would be of no surprise if people left Epoch to play Exile. The Epoch team have told us the best is yet to come. So I'd say you'll see an ebb and flow of players between the two mods for some time to come. The two mods in competition will only further excellence of both, whether you think they're in competition or not. And long may that continue.
  4. SkyDogs


    I meant in reference to the Exile signatures. However, I don't like this new look, but that's irrelevant.
  5. SkyDogs


    I can see this getting ugly. There's no need for it. Fanboys and haters. Good luck to both mods I say.
  6. There's nothing stopping Epoch creating zombies as an alternative antagonist to allow server owners to choose whether they want them or not.
  7. SkyDogs


    I need someone to help me freeze myself, otherwise the wait will kill me.
  8. SkyDogs

    bloody drones

    I play on MGT and they don't have drones. Not long ago they didn't have any sappers either, but sadly they've brought them back in. Drones wouldn't be too bad if they didn't spawn in the AI. If they just spied on you giving away your presence like the zombies did in A2 Epoch, then I'd be supportive of their presence in Epoch.
  9. I fucking hate waiting. It's like nearly a whole year away before I can feel some moisture under my feet. Altis is dryer than an Arab's sandal.
  10. It's based on New Zealand, the screens are already leaked. Apparently, the narcissistic spoilt bastard, Rocket, had a large influence in the choice.
  11. Currently playing on MGT, and they've completely turned off the antagonists. The result is brilliant gameplay. It's much better without them in my opinion. However, I would like something that told of your presence in the world, a little like the zombies do in Dayz mod.
  12. SkyDogs


    I was playing it last night. If clusterfuckery is you thing, then hit the main city. Bodies everywhere.
  13. Where would you put the northern one, Cen?
  14. All this code is no doubt wonderful, but I don't own or run a server, but thanks anyway. Any of you guys fancy trying out the idea?
  15. Are there any servers with additional teleport chutes that allow you to teleport between traders for instance? I don't know about you guys, but I think it's an idea that will bring other parts of the game more into play. For example, if a charge was implemented on each teleport journey, you would witness more players looting for stuff to sell so they had the cash to use the teleports. It would also shrink the map in terms of travel time. Personally, I'd like a trial of teleport chutes in far flung cities far away from the central belt, such as Sofia, along with chutes in the three main trader camps. I'm not technical, but with the implementation of the aforementioned chutes, I'm sure servers would run faster without the need for vehicular transport. Given the vast size of Altis, currently, players without vehicles tend to hog the central belt (west to east) from my personal experiences. If it doesn't tickle the fancy of the wonderful devs, would any of you wonderful server owners be able to implement such an idea? Toggle toggle toggle.
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