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Chernarus Oil Rig

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[As Requested]

Hello All,

Here is my old Oil Rig it's a bit rough but still functions well.

There is also a few easter eggs in the code as well.

As with A2 Edits over water can be very risky/glitchy.The fire Barrels never seem to sit still, but you can just delete them.

You'll need to keep your heatpacks on you though :P


I used this with Axecops Elevators and it was just EPIC!  :D


Feel free to customize it any way you feel suits your needs.

Repost any adjustments you make.





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Hello All,

[As Per Request]

Please be aware that this was my very first Edit and it was done a long time ago.

Hopefully you get an Idea of the LOC by this screenshot.


Ahhhh the memories of this Rig come flooding back! B) Many a cold night freezing my ass off repelling all would be Base Invaders from stealing my home.

This Rig was my Base for about 6 months before I got forced off of it by a bandit group of about 12 players.  :ph34r:

Obviously it was a hell of a lot more fortified than the image below which is V1.0.


StenchRig V1.0


This Drilling Rig is made up of several platforms that could be accessed from one platform to the next in most cases.

Living Quarters are on the Mess Platform where there are 2 medical tents which spawn loot.2 ladders lead down to the submerged jetty from here.

You may notice the U.S Ordinance crate in front of the Med Units this crate is full of construction equipment and completely up to your server project leader to remain or be deleted.

  There are many ladders and secret ways  :rolleyes: to move from platform to platform.There is also a partially submerged jetty for your RHIB/Zodiac's to be housed on.

There are also platforms that you cannot access but you can build ramps/elevators to make these area's function.(I actually had a rape dungeon on one of said platforms).

Heli Pads/Shipping Containers and Fuel Cells also added for refueling Heli's and RHIBS/Zodiacs. 


If you really wanted to you could adjust some of the platform height values so that they were perfect but they work as they are so....

Please post any additional edits that you make to this.

I had many many hours of fun with this edit so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.







ArmA2 Editor over water is never easy and never stable.

Tidal elements effect water ladders and the jetty.



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Hello Stranger,

You could always just delete the fire_barrels_burning from the .sqf since you can actually build them via Epoch Build System now.

Just not sure what you mean by "the ground is not compelted..." 


Please see the disclaimer re: "building over water is never easy nor stable"



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Well there are some parts floating. The ladders are not even, the crane is stuck in the air a little and the firebarrels always floating.


There is an option you can build straight over water. If you know about the excelsior bridge. There are two verisons out there. One is floating with tides n stuff, the other one stays whatever the tides are. :) I can send you this file so you can redo your code because i like this!

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