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  1. Btw the line you need to find has been moved. Its now inside AT.sqf Find: _log2 = format['Blood: %1 Humanity: %2',(_unit getVariable['USEC_BloodQty',12000]),(_unit getVariable['humanity',0])]; I used the soul edits replace.
  2. Great work, If anyone wants I adjusted the positions on objects that were floating or sunken https://pastebin.com/PhBncGke
  3. If you have a problem with one of the crates spawning inside debris (not accessible) instead of ontop. I moved the problem crate coordinates to the side a bit. Find: [(_position select 0) + 38.5, (_position select 1) - 16,-0.012] replace with [(_position select 0) + 44.97, (_position select 1) - 16.55,-0.012]
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