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  1. Btw the line you need to find has been moved. Its now inside AT.sqf Find: _log2 = format['Blood: %1 Humanity: %2',(_unit getVariable['USEC_BloodQty',12000]),(_unit getVariable['humanity',0])]; I used the soul edits replace.
  2. Great work, If anyone wants I adjusted the positions on objects that were floating or sunken https://pastebin.com/PhBncGke
  3. Updates! Various QoL changes Rubble town event Kamenka Trainyard Complex Military Camps in Kamyshovo and Solnichniy Start with 50k for your first spawn! Join our discord for a free lockbox! See you ingame!
  4. If you have a problem with one of the crates spawning inside debris (not accessible) instead of ontop. I moved the problem crate coordinates to the side a bit. Find: [(_position select 0) + 38.5, (_position select 1) - 16,-0.012] replace with [(_position select 0) + 44.97, (_position select 1) - 16.55,-0.012]
  5. Server Name: [PSG]DayZ Overpoch Chernarus|Start 10/18|Coins|FPS+|WAI|Missions|Grp|SSD|Dedicated|Spawn Select|Active Staff| Server IP: Mods: @DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch; Server Start: 10/18/2018 Join our Discord! Hello! PSG is now online! Lots of neat features and a non-militarized vibe! Server features and rules are listed below. I'll be regularly adding more content so I hope to see you guys on! Feel free to hop on our discord if you have any further questions! Server Features: Custom Areas (Trainyard, Compound, Oil Rig, Camps, Abandoned Trader, ...) Increased Zombie Damage Base raiding Base takeover areas (Special areas of map) Coins can be stored in Safes or Lockboxes Coins you are carrying will be lost on death Spawn selection and humanity loadout Wicked AI and Missions Deploy Bike/Mozzies Pistol Suicide Take clothes from dead AI/players Repair at service points/gas stations for coins Locate/Vehicle controls with keys Set view distance with map Locked vehicles within plot area are immune to damage Safes cannot be hotwired General Rules: Be respectful to other players and staff No destroying plot poles Base takeovers allowed only in certain areas (Notified upon entering) Hackers and anyone benefitting from hackers will be banned Only Air to Air kamikaze is allowed No advertising other services or servers No Spamming Safe Zones Rules: No stealing Items/Vehicles No trolling in safe zones No ramming in safe zones Safe zone camping is allowed (Leaving safe zone grants temporary god mode) Base Rules: No Building within 800m of Military Buildings or Traders. (Construction will fail if you try) No glitching/finding exploits into bases No blocking roads with buildings or vehicles in your plot area
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