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  1. full server with 90 players on ends up in 20 MBit up
  2. Stranger


    They said, the the config of the mod will be fully accessable in near future, when a stable version gets pushed out. Anyways there is a chance to change that atm, but i guess its not allowed. Greets
  3. I talked about Europe, not Germany by itself...
  4. I just tried to help...and everybody gets nuts :)
  5. I heard on some servers you can buy vehicles :D Nah, just kidding. The most stolen Vehicles are made stolen by the owners itself. Oh boy, i have forgotten so much about locking my vhicles ;)
  6. Hey i am an part of this community over ages. I have said soemthing about this way before, but i think i have todo it again. You main Players base is Europe guys. Stop being Announcing Features, Twitch Streams or Facebook Post after midnight. May you wonder why there are only 9 or 10 users live or interacting with you guys. Start doing that stuff in European time zone. Not everything is US!
  7. Drama Queen. Havent seen any Post or Quote you made for users...stop being that arrogant pls. It is a mod that could only exist by the users and administrators doing a good Job. So your statistic poll you set up says nothing! The most users hosting on Vilayer and so on - thats not real administering a server and these users dont have a clou about how fucked up it is to work with redis. Its fast - we are all sure about that. But its a Pain in the ass to get soemthing done there (not user Friendly) and Redis is not made to be used in such environments. Redis is made for much bigger stuff.
  8. It was an issue. The new files .3 fixed it. Its just serverside.
  9. Also just copy over the two files? Or what needs to be copyed over?
  10. Stranger

    #0 Error

    Anyone knows about to fix this? #0 "this select 0)) then {[(_this select 0), "", [], true] call bis_fnc_initVehicle;};"
  11. And what about this here: #0 "this select 0)) then {[(_this select 0), "", [], true] call bis_fnc_initVehicle;};"
  12. pcre3.dll - is this fix included?
  13. Arma 3 Engine is a pain in the Ass, we all know that.
  14. 1. Check the Energy settings of your Dedicated Server. It is one of the firstworld problems :) 2. Check if you have VisualBasic installed 8right version). If there is not the right version and its mixed - it will end up in high load times. But i guess its the servers energy setting ;)
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