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  2. I miss Epoch! Soooo many Memories...


    Slowly, karma is gunna get you!
  4. Nice Work Halvhjearne on the TPU script. Keep up the good work. Stench
  5. I understand where you're coming from, but in that instance if you feel the need to build in peace you should have a buddy or two in overwatch positions to keep the nasties at a distance or least alert you to a nearby threat. Difficult for the lone wolf I know but they have other instincts that change their gameplay to their advantage. Stench
  6. I actually like it when the "Armless Wanderers" come to play at my house in the hills. Why would you not want to have a visitor that will reward you for ending their miserable existence? Some script I have seen are making the mod far too easy for players. PS, good to see "the raymix" commenting on A3 forums again ;) Stench
  7. Working fine, very nice addon!
  8. Very Nice Indeed Halv! ;)
  9. Looks really cool. Very unique, but getting an RscTitles conflict as I also use StatusBars as well. Working through it! Thank you once again for your time and efforts. ;) Stench
  10. Very Nice IT07 :lol: Quick question what is Global Messenger? https://github.com/IT07/A3_scarCODE_Bundle/tree/master/GlobalMessenger Stench
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