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(Controls > Common > Inventory) Default A3 is I key

Used to loot trash piles and crates found in the world
Clean and skin animals. 
(Controls > Common > Inventory) Default A3 is I key
Default interact for vehicles,traders, player trading. and inventory option
Accepts the last player to player trade request.
Send player to player trade request to the player you are looking at.
Holster/Un-holster weapon 
Double left click (Item in inventory)
Use item from inventory, enter crating menu, sell/buy items from trader
CTRL (Controls > Common > Inventory) Default A3 is I key
Upgrade in place while looking at the object.
Enable/Disable Snap assisted build mode.
Enable/Disable free-form build mode.
Pick up building piece.
Change direction when using snap assisted mode.
Finalize Build (Places Item)
Used when you double click on on item in inventory and choose to BUILD
Cancel Build (Doesn't build the item)
Used when you double click on on item in inventory and choose to BUILD
Q and E
Allows free-form rotate from 0 - 360
Ins and Del 
Move the object left to right
Home and End 
Move the object forward to Back
PageUp and PageDown 
Move the object up to down
Debug Console
CTRL (Controls > Infantry Movement > Salute) Default key is \
The one finger salute
CTRL + ( - or + )
On the fly volume controls 
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T- is also used after you kill animals to crush the pelts off of them lol...    It took forever to finally figure this out...very unintuitive...   but to acquire pelts you have to use the T key on ur dead animal and it will not always give you a pelt and not every animal has a pelt..

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You need to place the building part down first. Then you enable build mode. Look at the item and then press spacebar. You should then be able to maneuver and use the build controls. If there is server lag, spacebar wont work for a while until the lag passes, that is from my personal experience. Not sure if that is what you or other people are encountering as well.

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How to place a build item you've take with spacebar ?


I'm building a wall, place it with 4, then i take it with spacebar, and i can rotate it, move it up / down etc... but i can't figure out how to place it :/


I've try 4, SpaceBar, T, ESC, enter, all does nothing.


So i've to logout to re-login and see it on the ground not placed :/


Any help ?

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Is there any way to customize these keys? I rearrange everything and always have and "T" is currently assigned to reloading. I tend to use "esdf" instead of "wasd". I mean I can unbind that key from Reload(which is what I've been using in ARMA and move it on my keypad, but switching to a different key would be easier. Is it set up as one of the custom keys and if so what is what?

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Hmm, I have my controls set up like Arma 2. T is the throw key for me.  :blink:

Yeah i'm using Arma 2 controls too and i'm a bit confused. I can loot chairs etc easy with mousescroll, but mousescrolling nor T seems to smash up garbage bags for loot. Have you found a way around this?

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I had the same problem with T since I use Arma 2 key bindings.
I've remapped the throw action to Left Shift + T so I stopped throwing grenade at my feets when looting trash LOL!  :lol:


And T works perfectly... I've read someone has problems with it not working with arma 2 settings, but it works perfectly with me.
The only problem was that it was bound both to loot trash/corpses AND throw.

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