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    Shooting, hunting, offroading, Dayz, kicking ass and chewing bubble gum.
  1. BioHazard050

    A Bank?

    Cool! Great idea, love the lose cash on death bit. Too bad Im in the middle of finals season and cant play yet. <_<
  2. Just give me a 300 Blackout AR with subsonic rounds and a suppressor. :D
  3. Last night we stumbled upon a Go-kart next to a dirt road. My teammates left it there for me to use to catch up with them ( I had died in a gunfight a few klicks back). I get up to the cart, check the inventory and BAM, lockbox. We doubt it was left there by someone, was 100% white and fully fueled. And who in their right minds would leave a lockbox just laying around in a go kart right next to a road.
  4. Sweet! Ill have to take a look-see at that.
  5. The hell is that? What map is that?
  6. DAYUM, Namalsk is one of my fave maps! Brb, I got a few screens laying around here somewhere.
  7. Came up with this when watching some youtube vids of mental patients doing their thing. (was on the weird part of youtube again. :blink: ) And I thought to myself, dang, imagine running into that guy in Epoch, and he's armed no less. Boom, lightbulb goes off. Brilliant Idea. In my lore thread I mentioned that the event that ended civilization had a unseen effect on part of the population, slowly driving them absolutely bonkers. In my mind, the Cultists represent the higher functioning crazies (you would have to be crazy to shoot fireballs and turn victims into walking bombs). But not all of them like that. Some of them have gone absolutely feral. Think mad max, times a thousand, or the Haunted in the Evil Within. They can still use (inaccuratly)firearms/melee weapons, but have lost all their humanity and higher thinking, running solely on instinct. Ingame, they would wander around, attacking and eating animals raw. (this could be a warning sign, finding animal carcasses that have been stripped clean by human mouths.) When they spot a sane human being (or even other crazies) They relentlessly chase you, even if you cross the entire map, they will chase you, and kill you unless you kill them first. They are rather dumb though, and will rush you head on. So one or two at once wont really be a big deal, unless you cant find a gun/melee weapon. But not all the crazies would attack each other. Some times, they team up. Up to 20 crazies in one group. Long story short. If a "herd" spots you, your in deep s***. You will get rushed by every single one. Unless you can kill them fast enough (unlikely), are part of a large team, or can escape somehow, you WILL die. And there will be no corpse when you get back. To be fair, there wont be a herd spawn on every reboot, maybe one or two a day. But If you can take down the herd, you will be well rewarded. Crazies tend to collect shiny things, like gold, silver, guns, and gems. And last but not least, those crazies still have the sense to find shelter, usually in an abandoned building, but sometimes they make camps in the woods. If you were to stumble onto one of these "nuthouses", watch your step. There would be booby traps surrounding the place. And the crazies will likely be nearby. But, there would be a reward for braving the unknown. As above, crazies tend to collect valuable items, and the nuthouse would be absolutely packed with goodies. And corpses. Lots of corpses. Whaddya think?
  8. Its very open to player crafted lore. I wrote some up some time ago.
  9. I can kill with whatever I have in hand, doesn't have to be some specific kit. Heck Ive killed people with a chainsaw...A CHAINSAW.
  10. IMHO, once you place a jammer, no loot should spawn in its AOE. In addition, you shouldn't be able to place it within a town. Individual buildings and compounds are ok though.
  11. Gladly I can say I can land without crashing...mostly. :mellow:
  12. There is a minor issue with it though. I was flying a lil bit ago and as soon as I started the engine, my FPS turned to the square root of potato. Seems like the new model really bogs down the engine.
  13. I actually like the advanced flight model. BUT Im a student pilot IRL. (Fixed wing, not helis, but a lot of the concepts are the same.) Big thing about it is understanding the flight instruments. I'm actually planning on making a video on the instruments and how to read/use them in game.
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