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  1. was a test.. added many buildings to do a FPS check. will be gone
  2. well I appreciate the props.. it will be done as tastefully as possible, That picture of elektro was a sample. We are using more A2 Enterables than A3. when I post a pic of Cherno let me know what you think
  3. No additional files required to download. calls are all assigned server to client when connecting.
  4. Here's a Delete of Cherno.. Deleted all the building that are not enterable With a FPS increase. I also killed all the catwalks without ladders and removed random clutter. I will be adding buildings tomorrow and test the frames. If you want to see it live Pavo / Lopatino / elektro / and other cities are already modified. I also Killed all the Churches on the map you cannot enter and replaced enter-able ones. Before the hate train comes, this is just to spice up Chernarus a little before more Buildings are made enter-able. Experience it and see how the buildings actually feel when your in the game. Server is running http://epochmod.com/downloads/@allinarmaterrainpack_2015_01_01.zip.torrent// https://play.withsix.com/arma-3/collections/VkRIOVUvwUmJBN2sVqL9tQ/@AllInArmaTerrainPack;@Epoch
  5. I think they need to hug it out :)
  6. Epoch Devs please make an exception. This makes the game sound and feel so much better. Bohemia should of had this sound pack from the start and we wouldn't be in this situation.
  7. is it just me or the befilters not updated in his zip file? or this is configured with another antihack program not to be mentioned with? can anyone with running vanilla share their filters with us or give to blckeagls and he can pack it with his zip file? thanks
  8. Vamp I was wondering if maybe you could create a mission where two Ai units fucking duke it out ? You can watch who wins and then engage the remaining Ai, or just jump in and have a battle royal! Is that possible? that would be pretty impressive. (I think)
  9. this didnt work for me when i tried to edit chernarus.. in the "stock obsolete 3d editor" all i could place were arma 2 buildings... and when i tried to rotate with SHIFT my camera shot up in the air... can you tell me what im doing wrong? or is this just for altis?
  10. All good, just wanted too hear about the progress. Thanks
  11. this post went pretty quiet.. any updates Vamp?
  12. Shiz

    Read Me First

    Axeman can you give us a status update on your work and what we might see from you?
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