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  1. You need to place the building part down first. Then you enable build mode. Look at the item and then press spacebar. You should then be able to maneuver and use the build controls. If there is server lag, spacebar wont work for a while until the lag passes, that is from my personal experience. Not sure if that is what you or other people are encountering as well.
  2. Is that a cross bow behind the seat? :O
  3. Make sure you are not copying the files too early. Make sure your bit sync status says you are 100% sending with a green circle in the status. Next make sure you have Epoch mod enabled and all other mods disabled. If you are whitelisted, you should be able to get through.
  4. Need to make sure that you are not copying and pasting the files from bit sync to @Epoch folder too early. Make sure you are 100% sending with a green circle in the status before you copy your files over. Or use the launcher found on the other forum thread.
  5. Place the object down with #4. Wait for it to set. Next enable build mode, then look at the object, then press space bar. Once you have done that, you should be able to move around and use the build controls. It's a work in progress but you will get used to it.
  6. Have you noticed anything else with the group system? For example, have people been randomly thrown into your group when you or anyone else you have gotten grouped up with people you never invited? If you find something strange like that then post here. Several of us did group testing, and we got randomly grouped with people we never sent invites to.
  7. It is a known issue and is currently on a list of to do things.
  8. I have stood inside one of those tiny church huts with a window, never heard a sapper come up but it blew itself up right outside the window, about 4 feet from me. I took 0 damage but my screen acted as if I was hit with a flash bang. The fuzziness went away after 10 seconds just like right after you respawn in after you drown.
  9. I am glad someone posted this. Upon visiting a temp trader, i tried to sell some stuff. When i went out side I found that my clothes and vest storage were empty. When i went to check the trader, only the things i sold were there, not the rest of my inventory items.
  10. Have you tried absolutely everything? Including a clean installation of Arma 3? I am bumping this thread because I have seen this player try for 2 days to fix his issue. Every single time he respawns he instantly dies upon loading into the map. This deserves immediate attention by someone who is knowledgeable with this issue.
  11. If your looking for the A3 Epoch closed alpha instructions, you wont find them in public view. If you won a key, hop on the teamspeak and seek support from fellow testers if the devs are too busy.
  12. I just want 1 weapon.... the P-90 :P
  13. How about knocking your stamina back to spawn level which like 10 i think, regardless of how long your character was alive. Would definitely make people think twice especially if they travel on foot a lot. Or to add to that, knock down Hunger to 2500 and Thirst to 1000. Statistical handicap as a place holder until a real penalty is in place.
  14. Nope no problems, we did it because it was fun considering your group is currently hoarding most of the choppers on the map, its public knowledge already.
  15. If you tried to make a group on a previous day and log back in the next day, who ever was involved would get thrown together. I was thrown into a group with you because the person who tried to make a group with you previously made a group with me. You logged in and was put into our party. It is a function that is broken, there for it is a bug. It can be exploitable, but what happened earlier this evening wasn't even close to an exploitation because no one took advantage of it.
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