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  1. maybe the server does not have the needed keys installed?
  2. You're wrong Shift and Numpad - together allows anyone to execute any code in multiplayer and no this keybind can't be changed.
  3. This !"SLOG_NP" without the '=' because the '=' means the whole kick log must be exactly the same as the exception the "SLOG_NP" just means anything containing SLOG_NP even when its FRGTDHRHSLOG_NPEGEHTE it wont kick you.
  4. I have used npp as standard programm for .txt files for years, the issues with taking so long to login started 4-5 months ago, however, i give it a try :D
  5. Sure C: Same as it was with another server owner when there was the squad xml bug that crashed every server arma 2 and 3, suddenly all servers went to low pop, beside the one sending them dudes out went to highpop from nowhere - Pretty effective^^
  6. And gain some new players by the time when they use it to bash other servers C:
  7. LunatikCH


    and in that case its not !="" its !""
  8. well sorry to say this if you are not willing to invest some time to learn how you edit simple stuff like battleyefilters to your needs you simply shouldnt run a server. http://opendayz.net/threads/a-guide-to-battleye-filters.21066/
  9. LunatikCH


    Having decent BE filters is essential, it will filter out like 90% of the script kids but then there are the realy strange ppl, who are able to do stuff like giving everyone speedhack, spawning in weapons which are set to 5 in addweaponcargo.txt, massteleport players, wipe all bases, writing as a fake "(Global Admin)" and all this without leaving a piece of a trace behind them. So having good battleye filters is nice but ppl are still able to do stuff without getting logged in them, kinda reminds me of this "bug" that should have been "fixed" in the betapatch: https://dev.withsix.com/issues/75896
  10. player_death is giving/taking humanity for kills.
  11. CREATE DEFINER=`root`@`localhost` EVENT `deletedead` ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY STARTS '2014-04-21 18:32:07' ON COMPLETION NOT PRESERVE ENABLE COMMENT '' DO delete FROM `character_data` USING character_data, character_data AS tmpcharacter_data WHERE NOT character_data.CharacterID=tmpcharacter_data.CharacterID AND character_data.CharacterID<tmpcharacter_data.CharacterID AND (character_data.PlayerUID=tmpcharacter_data.PlayerUID) That leaves one character there so ppl dont lose theyr humanity incase you're interested :)
  12. Must be the setup that was done wrong if it works perfect beside a lot false positives, not like you get that much settings you can do wrong ^.^
  13. Thats the one feature i loved the most, suddenly have half of your regular playerbase getting kicked for "using a VPN", makes sense. Hell even i got kicked myself from time to time, is it because im swiss? is BM racist? Also the reason BM is able to show 6 out of 50 country flags from players and dart does 48/50. But lets get back to topic.
  14. Not even thinking about paying 5 bucks per month for something (with exception of a few things) a free tool can do at the same quality or even better
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