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  1. Old question but the link is down. Is there still a way to deploy a bike or mozzie in safe zone? thanks
  2. Hi, i got some little "problem". The normal infistar Admin Menue don't show me up everything. On my Testserver with the exact same files it show me much more vehicles in red colour. I'm registrered as Super Admin. My friend, wich is also registered as Super Admins got all funktions and can spawn everything . (Example a Tank) No Error in any log or something else. Any ideas whats the problem? Thanks
  3. If i or another player deloy a bike it tells.. ... step 1 of 3... ... step 2 of 3 ... ... Bike deployed.. I want just one step (faster deploy)
  4. Hi, the script works brilliant. I only got a question.. Is it possible to deploy the bike or whateever in 1 step, not even in 3? Thanks
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