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  1. Indestructible cinder is the way forward imo. Works for us thats why we are number 1 epoch server.
  2. We currently have indestructible cinder on our servers.
  3. Cherno is awesome and with indestructible cinder yes it will be even better ;)
  4. like when rhino crunch went on there passworded server geared up then switched servers so he could have an advantage over others lol.
  5. Think you should get your facts right repearz we are nothing like ccg. We are rivals. As for the hate of frankie and the accusations he uses esp lol. He was a regular player on our arma 2 servers we sent him macca's way when we refused to swap our cherno server to overpoch. He's been back though playing on our epoch server the only reason he hasnt done a vid as he thinks the building system is retarded hue hue.
  6. There is currently a support a help forum being setup for you guys where people can help you out.
  7. Well since the shit hit the fan someone is regularly hacking our server and its linked to sequisha. Message they put across our screens was "childish enjoy your puddin pops" then killed everybody which clearly indicates that its in reference to what sequisha put.
  8. Just shows your maturity. We tried to be civil on the matter but your attitude towards most people is disgusting. Ive seen the threats you guys have been shoving around and against us. As for people agreeing with the devs thinking that Skaronators files were stolen by infiSTAR is total bullshit. But hey i'll go eat my puddin pop while you guys grow up a bit.
  9. Yes we was removed because we run infiSTAR. There is a lot that you guys dont know about and this post and thread will prob get removed. They've threatened us from the beginning for using infiSTAR. Yes ive seen all the chats. We blatantly told them we will only run infiSTAR and we told our community that they have threatened to remove us for it. I've used both antihacks and we was the first Epoch server to be running an antihack and it was infiSTAR. There was no antihack from the devs at that time. But we are made out to be the bad ones here.
  10. some anti hacks let you log as a player so you can play
  11. New mozzie is easy to fly and do loop the loops lol
  12. Thats not a bug its a doppleganger to try and prevent combat logging but fails miserably lol you can adjust the time the doppleganger is there in the settings somewhere. We have it switched off.
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