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  1. JSRS is clientside only, so you don't need to install it on your server. Just put the keys in the key folder, edit the BE filters and add the .pbo names in the epoch AH and it will work :) EDIT: You can also use CBA client side only ;)
  2. The devs said that a few patches ago, that the electic function isn't impementet yet. So it's just a normal bike. :)
  3. some feedback from me and my mates: bad: - way more female ghillies than male ones - the offroader has more inventory space then HEMTT or other trucks (offroader=4000, trucks=3000 source: wiki) - jammer limit is too small (I think you can change it at config, but for testing RC it is too small, about 100 items per jammer I think) bugs: - L85A2 is smaller than a magazine for it - elecronic components can't be selled (it says you can only sell one even if you only want to sell one) - base kit #1 doesn't show up when placed
  4. Will be added with 0.3 server files.
  5. The trader-missions are a bit buggy and you get way to much loot. And the base-kit #1 doesn't work. Also ammo bugged away (empty weapon, rightklick at amoo to get it in your inventory-> ammo disappeared) and the L85A2GL has nearly no weight...
  6. I know it is possible. I saw it on an AlitsLife server some time ago...But dunno how to script that, sry.
  7. When epoch supports CBA, I will try out both :) ACRE 2 looks good tho :)
  8. Yes I know, but it looks good, because: A ticket about it was openend and now let's wait.... But you need CBA as well ;)
  9. If TFAR is installed on the server, everybody have to run it clientside as well.
  10. I get exact the same error, any new infos about it?
  11. Got it nearly now. BEFilters added, but TFAR doesn't work, any ideas?
  12. Got it nearly working. The only thing which doesn't work is "x\cba\addons\common\init_functionsModule.sqf, line 22" So CBA doesn't run and we can forget TFAR at the moment.
  13. Just the BEFilters ? Or something in epochAH too?
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