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  1. [WIP] Scrapper [UPDATED]

    @ViktorReznov hey mate just a doubt.. scuse me cuz maybe cannot understand your code.. but do you belive if is possible use one sigle file for all of this? for example in this line of scraptastic.sqf if (_vehClass in VRapvs) then { _chance = random 100; if (_chance >= 40) then { [_vehClass] ExecVM "scripts\scrapper\GlobalScrap.sqf"; call _fn_del_vehicle; systemChat("Successfully scrapped vehicle, usable parts are in that crate!"); } else { call _fn_dmg_veh; systemChat("Be careful! You just damaged your vehicle!"); }; }; can you replace it by something like: then create a new sqf.. GlobalScrap.sqf
  2. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    no problem lance.. good luck !
  3. Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    @totis @DAKA or @someoneelse can you test it... if works i guess its gonna be a lil more better for your server performance using waituntil command at top of the loop. veh_hum.sqf private ["_vehicle","_driver","_humanity","_txt"]; while {true} do { waitUntil {uiSleep 0.25;vehicle player != player}; _vehicle = vehicle player; _driver = driver (vehicle player); if (({(isPlayer _driver) && (alive _driver)} count (crew _vehicle) > 0)) then { _humanity = _driver getVariable["humanity",0]; if (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_heroHumanity && _humanity <= 20000 || (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_superHeroHumanity && _humanity <= 40000) || (typeOf _vehicle in DZE_agentHumanity && _humanity <= 60000)) then { player action ["getOut", (vehicle player)]; titleText ["","WHITE IN"]; _txt = "<img image='addons\vehicon.paa' /><br/><t size='0.7' color='#ea2828' align='center'>prohibited vehicle</t>"; [_txt, [safezoneX, safezoneW], [0.20 * safezoneH + safezoneY, 0.3 * safezoneH], 2, 0.5] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; }; }; sleep 3; };
  4. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    mmm not sure if is type = "trade_items"; or type ="trade_weapons". try with " trade_items"
  5. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    @_Lance_ also remember your post

    So..you want add a vehicle into rubletown code and this veh must be saved in db?
  7. 1.6 [ Remake of Hotwire Safes/Lockboxes]

    Remember a version for doors maded by oldmatechoc.
  8. Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    probably will not work at first time,, gonna need some test, for example im not sure if you need recognize the vehicle with cursortarget select3 before say : player action['getOut', _vehicle]; example: _vehicle = cursorTarget; or if all syntax about checks gonna work with this way.
  9. Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    @totis in the way that I propose you.. would you have to use a loop but remember its just a dirt idea . hum_veh.sqf now in init.sqf paste: [] execVM 'humveh\hum_veh.sqf'; below of: execFSM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.fsm";
  10. Humanity Restriction for certain Vehicles

    Quick idea where start to build. _humanity = player getVariable["humanity", 0]; _isBandit = (_humanity <= -2500); _isHero = (_humanity >=5000); _vehicle = vehicle player; _inVehicle = (_vehicle != player); _BanditVeh = typeOf _vehicle in ["hilux1_civil_3_open_DZE","datsun1_civil_3_open_DZE"]; _HeroVeh = typeOf _vehicle in ["V3S_Open_TK_CIV_EP1","V3S_Open_TK_EP1","KamazOpen_DZE"]; if (_inVehicle && _HeroVeh && _isBandit (driver _vehicle == player)) exitWith { systemchat "<Prevention>:vehicle not allowed for your humanity amount!"; player action['getOut', _vehicle]; }; if (_inVehicle && _BanditVeh && _isHero (driver _vehicle == player)) exitWith { systemchat "<Prevention>:vehicle not allowed for your humanity amount!"; player action['getOut', _vehicle]; };
  11. [Find Items on Wreck]

    Tnks you for reportt and test mate.
  12. [Find Items on Wreck]

    hey @Runewulv nice spot.. i dont have the game installed any more.. so cannot test.. can you try this fix? in your fn_selfactions.sqf add the line commented:
  13. Execute Code When X Players Are Online

    [nil,nil,rTitleText,"Jet spawn", "PLAIN",10] call RE; but put it out of the loop.
  14. [extended_climatology]

    yes or include this block at bottom of your blah.sqf if (sandstormvar) exitWith { _esc closedisplay 0; systemchat ("<ANTIHACK>:Cannot Abort in a sandstorm"); }; //your variable about ESC key cannot be called _esc take a look on it. for example this is my whole noleave.sqf ( i use just one file to put all restrictions)
  15. can't create a data base with xampp

    mmm maybe.. but when the dayz_server.pbo is broken drop errors on rpt about cannot load server_monitor and those files.. heres a quick video that i made just right now.. maybe can help a lil.