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Server Events Not on Map After Relog


Does anyone have a quick and easy fix to where after an epochevent is started and a player joins they don't see the previously spawned events on the map? I could try to reverse engineer how DZMS missions stay on the map, but I figured I would ask here first and see if anyone has an easier solution.

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    • By juandayz
      add the call in init.sqf like the others events.
    • By juandayz
      The msg system is based on the remote_message.sqf provided by ZSC. (if u dont use ZSC change the msg system)
    • By juandayz
      UPDATE 13-6-17
      Spawn a marker with 350 of radius.
      Inside, lost in somewhere thers a corpse with a jewells reward in his inventory. (the body agonize so shoot on him).

      1-Open your init.sqf be sure this line is seted as true;
      EpochUseEvents = true;
      2- in this line add the event:
      EpochEvents = [["any","any","any","any",18,"deathcorpse"],["any","any","any","any",0,"crash_spawner"],["any","any","any","any",15,"supply_drop"]];
      3-create deathcorpse.sqf and drop into: dayz_server.pbo\modules\ ¡ 
    • By juandayz
      Writed with base on:
      Rubble Town
      4 types of Side Missions (Events)
      and mixed with my homemade bombs.
      This event spawn a crate & wait until thers nearest players  then active the bomb giving 25 seconds before explode.
      1-unpack your dayz_server.pbo
      bombcrate.sqf  (drop into \@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\modules\ )
      3-repack your dayz_server.pbo
      4-open your init.sqf add lines in blue.

      use it if u need test something:
    • By InfamousYT
      Hi there,
      I'm wondering how I'm able to change the Loot Rate for Epoch Mod on Arma 3.
      I am running
      Thank you.
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