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Found 19 results

  1. {DoD}{Epoch Altis} | High Loots| Custom Content | Giveaway & In Game Events | Server IP Address: Server Name: DoD Gaming Epoch Mod (0.3.7)|Custom Stuff|Armed Veh/Helis Website: http://www.doordiegamers.com/index.php ATTENTION!!! Join now and get a free base stater kit!! Server Features: High FPS High Loot Giveaways & In Game Events for all players to join AI Missions Status Bar & more! Mods Required: Epoch We are NEW! We are looking for active players to join our community. We are also taking suggestions from players to make this server better for all your fun. Please come by and play with us. Say hi to any players or Admins!
  2. 1/06/2018 The msg system is based on the remote_message.sqf provided by ZSC. (if u dont use ZSC change the msg system) player_supply.sqf https://pastebin.com/VENCekKu init.sqf
  3. rubble_town.sqf https://pastebin.com/hAb8v5kj add the call in init.sqf like the others events.
  4. Writed with base on: Rubble Town and 4 types of Side Missions (Events) and mixed with my homemade bombs. This event spawn a crate & wait until thers nearest players then active the bomb giving 25 seconds before explode. 1-unpack your dayz_server.pbo 2-create: bombcrate.sqf (drop into \@DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\modules\ ) 3-repack your dayz_server.pbo 4-open your init.sqf add lines in blue. pics: Video: use it if u need test something:
  5. We are back! Ranked 7th overall in 2014! Classic DayZ Epoch PvP Server!! No stupid start bonus, no heavy military. Just classic Epoch gameplay with new updates! - Top of the Line Hardware - Overclocked 8700k servers with SSDs. Super high FPS!! - XP System & XP Trader - Acquire handy Perks, Skills, and Permits with our XP system! - Custom Traders - Totally custom traders unique to this server! - Military Bases - High Loot areas perfect for gearing up. - Custom Map Content - Aircraft Carriers, Secret Military Bases, New Towns, and more! - All The Major Mods - All the major mods like Coin System, Heli Evac, Hide from Zeds, and many more. - Lots of AI Missions - Challenging AI missions color-coded by difficulty. - Custom AI Missions for Groups - Static missions with super high difficulty and major loot rewards! - Realistic Loot Spawns - You wont find high-powered weapons while hunting for loot, realistic loot spawns. - No Heavy Weapons, Tanks, Attack Choppers, Jets - Just the classic Epoch vehicles with a few new additions! - Lots of Vehicles - Lots of vehicles scattered around the map. Some are ready to go, others need to be fixed first! - Base Building - Fully modular base building system with unique build items and crafting recipes. - Full Day/Night Cycle - Realistic day and night cycle, no stupid 24 hours daylight!! - Full Weather System - Rain, thunderstorms and snow in the winter!! - Destructible Base/Garage Doors - Base raiding without losing your whole base! Just the doors are destructible. - Abandoned Safes/Lockboxes - Abandoned bases will have their safes unlocked for you to raid!! - Fresh Server, All The Best Base Locations Still Available! - No more wipes, server is done and all progress will be saved. - Regular Updates/Suggestions Considered - Pass along ideas to the admin staff. We consider all changes. - Admin Events - Events with High Loot and great times! See pic below. - Active Admin Staff - Find us on Discord anytime or by email! Connect to us on DayZ Launcher or directly: [SHG]ClassicEpoch|XPSystem|CustomTraders|CustomAImissions|Coins|FPS++ Discord: http://xn--discrd-zxa.com/join.php?v=OXHD95 Email: [email protected] Website: Under construction
  6. We've been talking about events on our server to keep the players happy and a lot of people seem to be up for a Battle Royale type thing. Maybe even a maze where first one out gets a prize. I got thinking about amending the so I could simply roll my mouse-wheel and select an option to teleport everyone to the starting area/next to me. I'm looking at the various protective dome scripts players have written for the teleport code. So, couple of quick questions: 1: Is what I want to achieve possible? (There's no restrictions in place to prevent mass teleport?) 2: Would teleporting 10-20 players at once or in quick succession cause problems (lag/de-sync)? I think this would be handy for future events. Like moving everyone to the starting line for races etc. Any further ideas/suggestions are more than welcome.
  7. UPDATE 13-6-17 Spawn a marker with 350 of radius. Inside, lost in somewhere thers a corpse with a jewells reward in his inventory. (the body agonize so shoot on him). 1-Open your init.sqf be sure this line is seted as true; EpochUseEvents = true; 2- in this line add the event: EpochEvents = [["any","any","any","any",18,"deathcorpse"],["any","any","any","any",0,"crash_spawner"],["any","any","any","any",15,"supply_drop"]]; 3-create deathcorpse.sqf and drop into: dayz_server.pbo\modules\ ¡ VIDEO:
  8. Welcome to our Community Anonymous Gaming We are a very active and friendly community. Our special Events take place all weekend from Friday to Sunday! We have very active admins, all your feedback and suggestions will be heard, also we make sure the server is free of hackers and dupers to achieve fair and fun gameplay for everyone! Server IP: Port: 2302 Teamspeak: ts.anonymousgaming.info Website: www.anonymousgaming.co.uk Server Features: Change View Distance Custom Spawn Points Custom Traders Deploy Bike|Motorbike|Little Bird Door Management Weekly Events Group Management Locate Vehicle Plot Management Tow|Lift Ai Missions Running Zombies Ore Mines/Veins ...and more! Join us Today! Hope to see you around! Event Preview:
  9. Hallo, Ich möchte euch meinen neuen Server vorstellen : DayZimKopf Dayz Epoch! Ich habe knapp einen Monat mit Modifikationen und Tools verbracht und bin stolz nun endlich das besondere Ergebnis zeigen zu können! Mods auf DayZimKopf: - Group management - Plotpole for life - Plotmanagment - AI Systems WAI & Wicked AI & Patrols - Bus Route with AI from Cherno to Elektro - Deploy and Pack mozzie/bike - Self Bloodbag - Weapon Mods (Silencer/TWS) at right click - Fill & Sell Oil Barrels - New Custom cities - Custom Spawn selection with Halo/Ground - Custom Class System - Air support drops - Extended action menu - custom debug monitor - Snap Building Pro - suicide - Lift / Tow - Fastrope - Supply drops - alchemy - trade from vehicle - Blood regeneration - weed fields and trader - Doormanagement - Heli / Boat Patrols - Zombie Horde from Cherno to Stary - Paint vehicle - Communication Script - Plot for Life - flip vehicle - Evac Chopper - custom HUD - High FPS - no bombs / no heavy armed vehicles (only medical tanks and no jets) - balanced missions with secrets - best server hardware - Carepackages - Infistar AntiHack Tool - VIP Donator Classes - No Base despawn - active Admins - custom traders .. Und noch viele mehr! Jede Woche werden Events veranstaltet! ____________________ Server IP: TeamSpeak 3: Webseite: http://DayZimKopf.de ____________________ Admins sind jeden Tag aktiv und sind = Xray, Martin, Stfu, Thor Wir kennen uns alle schon Jahrelang und sind ein eingespieltes Team! Würde mich freuen wenn ihr mir ein wenig Feedback gebt! Bei Fragen oder Anregungen gerne bei Steam anschreiben: DZiK | Xray Freundliche Grüße, XRAY
  10. • Information • Slots - 60 Map - Chernarus Mods - Epoch / Overpoch Server Location - Dallas U.S.A In Game Time - 11 AM - Always Day! Server IP Address - TeamSpeak - ts.nexus-ts3.net • Staff • Owner - ExclusiveColors Manager - Majin Vegeta Co-Manager - Mr.Black Developer - Spoony Administrators - JackHarvey Support - Recruitment Status: OPEN • Scripts / Features • Server Set Defaults ESSV2 (New GUI System) Single Currency (Coins) Objectives Weed Farms Wicked AI Actions Menu Suicide Flip Car Self Blood Bag Loot skins of Bodies Ear Plugs (Use Y Key) Change View Distance (2500 Meters) Building 1 Step Building Plot Management Max Build limit 500 Snap Build Pro / Vector Indestructible Bases Vehicles Tow / Lift Master Key Salvage Vehicle Vehicle Locator Refuel / Rearm / Repair Deploy Bike / Mozzie / Dirt Bike Trading Fast Trade Advanced Trading Preference Load Screen (Created by ExclusiveColors) Infistar Infistar Anti hack Infistar Safe Zones NOTE: Every player that joins will be given a 1 brief and a teleport to a trader city of your liking, join TeamSpeak for help. NOTE: For more information feel free to add me on steam or join the TeamSpeak!
  11. deltagi

    SQL events

    I was wondering how I would make this mod Is there any tutorials for SQL evnets out there? Where do I put this bit of code? DROP EVENT IF EXISTS resetVaults; CREATE EVENT resetVaults ON SCHEDULE EVERY 1 DAY COMMENT 'Sets safe codes to 0000 if not accessed for 14 days' DO UPDATE `object_data` SET `CharacterID` = 0 WHERE `LastUpdated` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 14 DAY) AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 14 DAY) AND `CharacterID` > 0 AND `Classname` IN ('VaultStorageLocked') AND `Inventory` <> '[]' AND `Inventory` IS NOT NULL Thanks Aurora!
  12. Hi everyone, The events on my server seems to be spawning off map all the time, including heli crashes. The coordinates in my RTP logs shows -xxx.xxx. Is there a scripting bug? Thanks!
  13. Hey all :) I've been banging my head against a wall for hours with this one, if anyone can help... many beans to them :D So, I'm trying to spawn zombies via an SQF file that I can call via execvm - I know the method I want to use to call the file, so that's all good... However I just CAN'T get Zombies to spawn :( I hunted around and found this script, which is supposed to work, however nothing happens :(: I wonder if perhaps the script is old? I checked the client side PBO for \z\AddOns\dayz_code\system\zombie_agent.fsm, and that file appears to be there - so is this correct? Anyone spot any errors with this file? Note: I got this file from an opendayz thread, and it used a sensor entry in mission.sqm - BUT I don't want to call the file that way - could it be my method of execution (trying to just execvm the above file, rather than using a sensor that execVMs it??? Surely not!) Any help would be seriously appreciated :D BTW - I'm running still at the moment, upgrading to later next week - not sure if that effects anything? (e.g. zombie spawn file).
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