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Epoch Server Performance


I could use some recommendations on gaining some performance back on my server. Currently the CPU with no one on the server runs between at a baseline of 26% while jumping to the the 63% range frequently every couple of minutes or so. Then when players hop on, the baseline percentage jumps to 42% and up. The following addons are currently running:

@a3_epoch_WAI (default settings), @epochz (default settings), @ryanzombies, @HS_Traders.

I'm sure having roaming Z's and Roaming AI with missions is most definitely the cause, but what would be a good mix of triggered spawns vs. roaming? Or should I simply remove triggered all together? I'm looking for a good balance if its possible. I am new at the Arma Dedicated Server game so please be patient with me. Your suggestions and tips are greatly appreciated!


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default addon settings

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Apparently editing epochConfig.hpp by commenting out some of the default spawning events (Carnival, Money Drop, Plant Spawner, Earthquake, etc.)   and reducing the epoch traders ( NPCSlotsLimit = 7 ) from the default amount has dropped the idle cpu % down by almost 20%!

You can see where the CPU usage drops considerably when I make the change and restart. There is an increase when 3 players join and drops back to the 20% range when the leave.


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Ryans Zombies is a massive performance hit, according to every server host that has ever used it. They say it is badly optimised. Maps can also affect performance sometimes, hosts say the Chern. Redux is a performance hog, for example.

Personally I would not be bothered by those numbers, and only really be worried when players come to you with reports of server lag -

(which is VERY different from client lag, and often includes things like AI rubber banding over 30 meters, or building objects not saving because the Database is struggling)

- or stuttering or worse, like not being able to connect to the server at all.

for more info, you could repeat the test with only Epoch active on Altis, this way you get baseline and you modded server results.

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    • By Tbone
      Hey Guys,
      im using the official Arma3ServerPerformance.exe from Bohemia for a while now.
      The Performace.exe is also available for the clients.
      Under good conditions this performance binarys should give your Server or Client a bedder performance.
      I can confirm that it works fine cause i got much bedder CPS/FPS on my Server.
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      I run my server in a Xeon E3 1240 v2 processor and it have this 3 configurations.

      1) 4 cores at 3.6 Ghz each
      2) 3 cores at 3.7 Ghz each
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      Currently i'm using option 3).

      I had take a look on more expensive Xeon processors, and most of it have Ghz slower than 3.8 (a lot slower!) but on the other hand they have more cores and more cache memory (a lot more!).

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      You guys know if more cache memory (15, 20 or even 35 mb!) can increase significantly the Epoch server performance?
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      All credit goes to Nasdero and Kengglol for this.
      I've been having some serious server fps issues used to run around 45 ish then dropped to 8-15 and i couldn't work out why.
      I've rented a new Dedi box installed vanilla and then added mods - only 1 player on - same issue as above.
      I came across this post:

      I removed the Bell heli from 2 servers and bang fps back up to 45+
      3 steps you need to do.
      1 delete all pooh_13 objects in your objects_data table
      2 to stop re-spawning delete all pooh_13 lines in the dynamic_vehicle.sqf make sure last entry comma removed (epoch_server)
      3 remove the entry pooh_13 in the mission.sqm file (mpmissions)
      not only has FPS increased but the server CPU utilization improved
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      Hi, i run a small private server and i was wonder if anyone knew what the classname was for the performance manual needed to upgrade a car so that i can add it to the traders?
      any help would be greatly appreciated.
      many thanks
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