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  1. Really looking forward to this , been looking around for some time to setup a HC
  2. we are having a lot of these same problems recently. Has anybody had any luck find out whats going on?
  3. AN2 biplanes fitted with the machine gun from Apache heli's https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKapf9QdGA4 Awesome fun
  4. i assume your using the BEC scheduler, my money is on a typo in the config file
  5. this is a guess but you might try this [227[4817.25,2539.47,0.001]] its the format used in the database
  6. there is also a change to one of the battleye files publicvariable.txt and the new sql changes
  7. FriendlyPA change your sql password asap
  8. i had the same last night. running 1042 Anybody else?
  9. http://dayzepoch.com/wiki/index.php/Changelogs
  10. theres a timeout setting in one of the config files. it does work mine do time out its in missioncfg // How long before a mission times out (seconds) wai_mission_timeout = 3600;
  11. check in your database that there are entries in the traders tables, i had a similar issue - turns out the tables were empty
  12. looks like a password/sql account error check you can logging to your sql database using that dayz account using something like heidisql. if you can then check you have the correct password set in your hiveext.ini
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