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  1. Vote for Chernarus version, so long nice work dude
  2. Hey n1 work dude, the mission works nearly perfect. ;) I got 2 issues The first ist a script Error which you can see when you start your client with -showScriptErrors as startparameter. Here you can see what my rpt files says. i think its just the third Coord parameter missing. But the mission working, so who cares. ;) The second issue is, that i always get kicked when i kill a Bot which is using a weapon which is not unblocked through the BE Filters. When i reconnect the bots cant hit me anymore till i restart the server. So is there a easier way than editing the whole addweaponcargo?
  3. Hey Guys, im using the official Arma3ServerPerformance.exe from Bohemia for a while now. The Performace.exe is also available for the clients. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?169944-Arma-3-STABLE-server-1-36-quot-performance-binary-quot-feedback Under good conditions this performance binarys should give your Server or Client a bedder performance. I can confirm that it works fine cause i got much bedder CPS/FPS on my Server. Cause this are official Bohemia Files i have no repression to use it. But im not sure if this binarys can cause any issues which i would not get with the normal binarys. Does anybody have some experience with this binarys?
  4. There exist also many Online Converter, like this one : http://codepen.io/micovery/full/bNbLqL Did you edit your BEC config and add the right bepath to your startparameter? What does your BEC logfiles say ?
  5. I got the same bug reports on my Server, but after a Server Restart the group and building system is working again. I think its its a bigger problem inside the group system.
  6. Do you guys execute the log-rotator.cmd before you restart the server ?
  7. Do you have ASM running on your server ? What shows the graph when your server ist crashing?
  8. I hope that you know that you have to add your id and name not behind the double slash, that is a comment with a example. EXAMPLE: adminMenu_Owner[] = {{"Adminid1","Adminname1"},{"AdminId 2","Adminname2"}}; //{{"76561198016036463","bang"}},{"STEAMID","ADMINNAME"},...};
  9. Hey Guys, first of all a big thanks to the Epoch Dev Team for the early release of the Server Files. You did a really good job. Our Arma3 Epoch Server is running and very well populated. So it was just a question of time till the first Players are asking for some extra stuff. ;) Is it okay if i install some soundmods like: -http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?170226-J-S-R-S-2-2-Soundmod -http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=18767 -http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26932 I mean all what i have to do is to insert the Keys and to edit the battleeye filters on the Server. i dont change anything at your Vanilla files. I know that you guys dont like it if someone is trying to modify your Vanilla version, but maybe this is okay. Please give me a feedback i dont want to get any trouble. Greetz Tbone
  10. Hello, first of all tanks a lot to the Dev Team for the fast progress on Update There is one point in the changelogs which sounds very interesting. [New] Added crafting of Salvage Metal from Iron Ore found at mineral veins. In Fact that Salvage Metal is very rare, and takes a lot of time to find it. This sounds like a good option to get the salvage metal. Since yet im not sure how this crafting will work. Do i need any tools for it ??? Where can i find these mineral viens??? Where else can i finde Iron??? How much iron pieces do i need to craft one salvage metal? i know the patch is just a few hours online, but maybe there are some lucky persons which allready had some experience with that. Many thanks in advance Greetz
  11. Hey, i read the following Patchnote for the upcoming patch 0.2 and now im a little bit confused. -[New] Base building objects get deleted after 7 days. (Painting walls extends this for 7 more days.) I mean, Base Building is a very difficult and especially the most time consuming part of Epoch. I cant believe that the will deleted every building object when a object reached the expiration of 7 days. Are there any exceptions, like building parts within range of a frequenzy Jammer will be not deleted ? If anybody got a little bit more informations about this, it would be really nice if you share it with us. BB Tbone
  12. We found a enemy base to today on the skaronator dev Server ( After we destroyed there Frequency Jammer, we were not able to move the building objects. 20 minutes later after the Server Restart we could move the buildingobjects. We were lucky that the Server restart was so close, but i doesnt think that it should work on only this way. greetz Tbone
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