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    • By THAC0_Gewch
      Many years ago, I made a Humanity Loadout script for 1.0.5.x. The script is basic, it checks your players' humanity and grants a pre-set loadout when they spawn depending on their humanity level.
      I've now updated and optimized this script for 1.0.6.x:
    • By salival
      Here's my version of  @OtterNas3 vehicle key changer.  It was subsequently modified by @Grahame for epoch 1.0.6.
      This adds support for briefcases, gems and coins as well as using the epoch vehicle upgrade system to do the key changing/claiming.
      * original discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/5972-release-vehicle-key-changer-for-making-masterkey-v-14-updated-06152014/
      * updated discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/43048-release-vehicle-key-changer-for-making-masterkey-v-141-updated-for-epoch-106/
      Github link with install directions: https://github.com/oiad/vkc
      **EDIT* Link to a working locate Vehicle script that is able to find multiple vehicles per key: 
    • By salival
      With Axe Cops permission I am releasing my updated version of his amazing Service Points script. 
      This includes support for original briefcases, gems (from epoch and coins.
          (original github url: https://github.com/vos/dayz/tree/master/service_point)
          (original install/discussion url: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/3935-release-vehicle-service-point-refuel-repair-rearm-script/)
      **** *REQUIRES DAYZ EPOCH* ****
      Major Changes:
          This version adds support for both single currency and gems (from the epoch 1.0.6 update) as well as the original epoch briefcase currency system. 
          Instead of pricing things like the original way, prices are now done on a "worth" similar to how coins are done. The price value of items are below.
          If you are using coins, I would recommend using the _currencyModifier variable since coins typically are 10x the value of briefcase based currency (1 brief == 100,000 coins)
          (You can either set this _currencyModifier variable to 1 then set the proper value or use the modifier, the modifier is mainly for dual currency servers)
          1 silver = 1 worth
          1 10oz silver = 10 worth
          1 gold = 100 worth
          1 10oz gold = 1,000 worth
          1 briefcase = 10,000 worth
          Please see dayz_code\configVariables.sqf for the value of gems (DZE_GemWorthArray) and their relevant worth if they are enabled.
          Example config settings for _refuel_costs, _repair_costs and _rearm_costs:
          All 3 sections can either be made free, disabled or a specifc price with the following examples:
          ["Air","free"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" free for the specific action.
          ["Air","disabled"] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" disabled for the specific action.
          ["Air",2000] will make the vehicle config class of "Air" have a worth of 2000 for the specific action.
          ["Armored_SUV_PMC",2000] will make the specific vehicle have a worth of 2000 for the specific action.
          ["Armored_SUV_PMC","free"] will make the specific vehicle be free for the specific action.
          ["Armored_SUV_PMC","disabled"] will make the specific vehicle be disabled for the specific action.
          Valid vehicle config classes as an example: "Air", "AllVehicles", "All", "APC", "Bicycle", "Car", "Helicopter", "Land", "Motorcycle", "Plane", "Ship", "Tank"
      Visit my Github page to download and read the README.MD : https://github.com/oiad/service_points
    • By Birgitte
      OK, I'm giving up the ghost on I created a new 1.0.6 server using a hosting service because they do not have the newest version yet. I need to know the quickest and easiest way to upgrade to keeping in mind that I do not need to save any data from the old database. I wiped the tables and imported epoch.sql. What files do I need to change/remove/delete in order to upgrade?
    • By [email protected]
      so i used to have this custom loadouts script for 1051 and as far as i can tell seems to work just fine with 106 in case anyone was in need of something like this...
      i honestly dont remember where it came from or who wrote it.... but enjoy none the less  :)  
      add the following to mpMission init.sqf inside the    "if (!isDedicated) then {  }"   loop
      [] execVM "custom\scripts\loadouts.sqf";
      create file and add into "custom\scripts" folder:
      loadouts.sqf - 
      waitUntil {(getPlayerUID player) != ""}; /* Names and UIDs of donors/special people. #####userid#### // username */ // Populate this list with all UIDs of people who receive the loadouts from either group _loadList = ["#####userid####","#####userid####","#####userid####","0","0"]; _lpID = getPlayerUID player; // group1 if ((_lpID in ["#####userid####","0","0","0"]) && (_lpID in _loadList)) then { DefaultMagazines = ["5Rnd_762x51_M24","5Rnd_762x51_M24","5Rnd_762x51_M24","Skin_Soldier_Sniper_PMC_DZ","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","15Rnd_9x19_M9SD","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","FoodSteakCooked"]; DefaultWeapons = ["M40A3","M9SD","ItemRadio","NVGoggles","ItemCrowbar","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemKnife","ItemToolbox","ItemHatchet_DZE","Binocular"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_LargeGunBag_EP1"; }; // group2 if ((_lpID in ["#####userid####","#####userid####","#####userid####","0","0","0"]) && (_lpID in _loadList)) then { DefaultMagazines = ["10Rnd_127x99_m107","Skin_Sniper1_DZ","ItemBandage","ItemBandage","30Rnd_9x19_UZI_SD","ItemMorphine","ItemPainkiller","ItemWaterbottleBoiled","FoodSteakCooked","PartGeneric","PartGeneric","PartVRotor","PartEngine","PartWheel","PartWheel"]; DefaultWeapons = ["m107_SKN","UZI_SD_EP1","ItemRadio","ItemEtool","ItemGPS","NVGoggles","ItemCrowbar","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemKnife","ItemToolbox","ItemHatchet_DZE","Binocular_Vector"]; DefaultBackpack = "DZ_LargeGunBag_EP1"; };  


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