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I completely understand why LordAWOL is not posting anything about the hoverboard development.

The secrecy is needed to ensure maximum impact when they reveal this unheard-in-Arma-world feature.

As we patiently await the release I will continue my research on the matter and keep sharing with you fellow hoverboard lovers.

Here is a post on the concept and an early primitive implementation of:

Electromagnetic Repulsion

You might find some bits of the article really funny but please note this is from way back (from 2015) and keep on mind that people at the time still didn't even have fusion reactors at home lulz

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mgm really you are only posting back and forth with urself on this! its not gonna happen give up !


It will make epoch a joke! seriously you should try Destiny its more your type of game if you want things like hoverboard, oh wait even Destiny over looked it i think! defo not gonna happen on epoch!!



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noooooooooo!!! y u doin diz to me

it's definitely gonna happen. I can almost see LordAWOL coding this right now in the secret Epoch development HQ. look it's axeman trying to give his junior (a.k.a. construct) a big hoverboard.

of course it is a joke. just for april 1st 2016.

what is not a joke is hoverboard, as a useable short/mid- range personal green transport.

it has only 5 inventory slots but it's okay with me.

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hello hoverboard lovers,


I was just doing my daily archive search, looking as far back as early 2000s, to better understand early/primitive concepts and products on today's main travel device hoverboards. I found a study on the below and wanted to share with you guys.



You can access the full version at the following link: http://digitalcommons.calpoly.edu/aerosp/65/


I skimmed through the pages quite interesting.

The best we can get our hands on until Epoch DevTeam complete this one most important amazing sorely needed feature.



It is 38 pages, after going through first 30 I jumped to the conclusion, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

It is amusing to read "with today's technology hoverboard is a possibility" from way back 2012 texts.





This analysis shows the possibility of an electric powered hover board without using a skirt.

With today’s technology, this is definitely feasible given the right amount of funds and supplies.
If a hover board were to be developed using this analysis and current technology, the implications for usage span from military operations or cargo transport, to personal recreation or sports.
While this project analyzes many aspects critical to proper operation and manufacturing of a hover board, this alone is not enough to develop one.

The electrical system, a control system and a safety system would need to be further developed.
This project, however, provides a solid foundation for any company with the time, money and technology.
The project starts with choosing a basic hover board configuration and starting to analyze the systems, and change accordingly.
The structure is made entirely of carbon fiber sandwiching a Nomex honeycomb core and resembles a large skateboard.

The internal structure is composed of 2 box beams to resist the load of a rider, theother components of the hover board, and the stresses caused by the propulsion system.
The propulsion system was narrowed down to two options: compressors and ducted fans.
Compressors didn’t prove to be practical due to the high complexity of such a system and the high power requirement.
Ducted fans were chosen instead for their simplicity and high efficiency.

Using Matlab and JavaProp, the ducted fans were sized and the propellers were optimized for the highest efficiency and highest thrust.
To distribute the thrust across the length of the board and to distribute the stresses on each fan more evenly, four fans are used, each the same size.
The duct was designed to be a constant area one because a converging nozzle requires more power.
The power required by the four fans will be provided by the Oxford electric motor, which is able to provide more than enough power for the system.
Its low weight, small size and high power rating makes it the optimal choice for the power system.

The current one that is developed will suffice for today’s technology, but future advancements should make it even smaller, lighter, and more applicable to the hover board.
The motor is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries, sized according to the project requirements.
The overall weight is well within a reasonable weight allowance for the hover board.
Hover technology has already been used in many applications, but never in such a way as this project showed.

This project shows that with today’s technology, a non skirted hover board is a possibility.

I am so glad they are adding these. I really want a silver one with black stripes.

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I'm lil busy with Ceph but will come back to love of my life Epoch.


awol & axeman, please sort out all the hoverboard bugs by then I don't want to fall off of my board thanks a lot in advance!

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Men, i have to ask you.... what do you want. Do you want Epoch as Survival game, which it isnt anymore, do you want Epoch as PvP like it is, or do you want Epoch as Science Fiction game which breaks the entire object of the game???

In my eyes, i miss the arma 2 zeds, i miss the real survival elements, sappers and cultists are enough but hover boards ? Bro please.... no.

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no zombies. awol explains this on Epoch website... it's 2035 dude. zombies are so 2010!


if you want survival experience (without maxing out AI capabilities) I don't mind, just give me the dam hoverboards.

it's friggin 2035, we get CLONED and we're still walking from spawn? no good.

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no worries - it is good to hear others' opinions, hence my post in here :D


no zombies in 2035 though. technology is so advanced we can give you zombie computer games in 2035 if you like?

epoch PlayStation addon...

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