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  1. Hello Epoch, it's been a while, how are you my old friend ?

  2. Ok... sounds like you guys need to kiss and make up.. How did I get dragged into this :)
  3. Unless you are breaking server rules :)
  4. Voted, if the random guy finds the base randomly who could blame him for claiming it ?
  5. You sure can, I'll get it online and PM you.
  6. :) I have some concept code. Not really had time to do any game work recently, RL getting in the way again. Have just finished a long term contract and getting my business back up to the point where it can support us all. Happy to post the concept code to the GIT if someone wants to pick it up.
  7. Surviving the new world is not supposed to be fair..
  8. So how does a Bambie retaliate from being constantly spawn camped under that scenario ? The motivation for making this after being endlessly shot on MGT..
  9. Are we talking parking outside trader cities and multiple Bambie trying your vehicle ? It would have to be a short time so people can run away and it could be gamed . What about a vehicle safe zone / parking bay ?
  10. Lock your car ? It does have to be a PvP kill to trigger the extra options. So for gaining loot from a PvP I was already looking at spreading the victims belongings around the destination site and randomly deleting some items. I had noticed that weapons and held items often dropped on the ground anyway. Would that solve PvP loot issue ? The problem with switching everything off is: Yay a new feature being tried out in this mod -> oh, it doesn't do exactly what I want right now and players are crying because <insert reason why player doesn't like change> -> switch it off as the most vocal won't stop going on about it -> no need to offer positive feedback, we're not using it anyway -> feature doesn't get updated in ways you might want -> players are bored and want more features -> players move to Minecraft -> Devs add more hats and tins of food, dies of boredom.
  11. I like the particle effect to warn that an explosion is imminent, or an effect that shows the victim 'may' still be in the body ? Adding certainty and / or turning every feature off is kind of pointless and no longer Epoch.. The ten minute timer will force the dead player to respawn so maybe reduce that timeout when the new Tapout menu is used ? That way the victim has to make a fairly quick decision.. Ultimately it was designed to combat the quick battles outside spawn points, aka spawn camping, and to introduce the player as antagonist option as a new / revisited feature. The idea that every scenario should be an absolute and no danger exists for players is boring to play and awful to develop for. Please no more pandering to this attitude and let's start making it risky to play again. Want to play Epoch ? Then be prepared to lose all your shit at a moments notice.
  12. Not at the moment, it's fairly heavily integrated. The best option possibly would be to code it to use the original dialogue only. Any particular reason for disabling ?
  13. Your average Zombie Brain:
  14. She'll be back !
  15. UPDATE: Server Updated and back on. Working on RZD support fix where multiple targets cause Zeds to behave strangely.