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  1. No problem, However If you change that line to _playerMonitor = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.sqf"; then It will most likley still work, And If you leave the the line to default I'm pretty sure it disables Admin Debug menu. I don't know to much about the problem but I'm pretty sure It lies within the New and Updated version of the DayZ Code ( Not an issue with Admin tools, But rather its Compatibility. If you change the line to _playerMonitor = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.sqf"; with the updated server PBO it should still work, you will also have the admin tool debug minitor working aswell...
  2. I realized you don't have to change the player monitor line, however you must include the new version of the dayz code and the ATP Exclusion folder, So just get the default PBO's then Install admin tools + other plugins you have.
  3. SafesZones: Copy paste this at bottom of Init.sqf [] ExecVM "safezone\safezoneposition.sqf"; [] ExecVM "safezone\safezone.sqf"; Scripts found here and Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ig_WUqsMOE
  4. In your init.sqf keep this line the same don't change it keep it default: _playerMonitor = [] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\player_monitor.sqf"; Also You might have to full re install all of your plugins, go and get your default mission and server PBO Files then install admin tools on them... not the older version you previously had. (install all plugins again)
  5. Okay will do, Its going to Be Fun :D :)
  6. Thanks, However this Didn't work for me any other suggestions?
  7. Hi there I have been recently Trying To use the Teleport Feature that Comes with Blue Phoenix Admin tools on my server, However When I attempt to use the Teleport Feature I am Quickly Reverted back to the Location I initially Tried to Teleport From. I believe this Is because of the Anti-Tele Script Within DayZ. If anyone Has A Solution or a possible way to get around this, and disable it that would be of much appreciation. thanks,
  8. I don't have enough knowledge on the subject to give you a reasonable suggestion, However double check that each file has the correct path *Examplefolder/example* this may sound rather simplistic, but I often Myself making Small mistakes that can be easily fixed if I looked carefully. try this forum It is entirely dedicated to day z Scripting perhaps you will find a solution there. http://www.dayzpatriots.com/
  9. This has happen to Me as well, What you should try To confirm the issue is Move a vehicle Say 400m then Restart the server And see if the vehicle is in the same location which you left it, If it is not where you left it then you have a problem. Please tell me what plugins you have installed on your server as I may be able to help you<> Also note any Changes in your ServerUpdateObject.sqf < Compile
  10. If you believe this is a Zombie AI Fix, try adding this to the bottom of your init.sqf with the Fixes folder in your mission pbo [] execVM "fixes\zombie_findTargetAgent.sqf"; [] execVM "fixes\zombie_findTarget.sqf"; [] execVM "fixes\control_zombieAgent.sqf"; [] execVM "fixes\player_zombieCheck.sqf"; (try adding these) I cannot Confirm the Validity of these Files, Nor do I know if this will work
  11. I had this Problem as Well and I fixed it, What you need to do Is Go into your Admin Tools Main And make Sure your UID is In //All admins and //Super Admins, I easily fixed the problem you are having by doing this and after that it worked fine. (Make Sure your UID is in more than one place.) [*This Will Fix the scroll menu issue your having*]
  12. Never mind, thanks though I forgot to put my UID in the Admintools/Activate.sqf
  13. I tried this But its still not working, any suggestions?
  14. I have spent Quite some time trying to Get this tool to work correctly, I have the tool installed and it works great! However Every time the server restarts it rolls back to the same point in time and everyone loses there Precious Gear! (I believe this has to do with The objectUpdate.sqf File) Any help would be Much appreciated, Thanks,
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