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  1. thats so epic, and almost half the work is done! just gotta give the rider the ability to control it himself, without having a gun drawn so its not OP, and also limit its height and speed:)
  2. Love the moon door! I can picture this in DayZ standalone where you knockout/tie the hostage and force them through the moon door hahaha. Out of curiosity how many items did it take to build that? Whats your maintenance cost - curious to know where that fits inside most server build limits.
  3. SPIB0X


    I am so sick of the rain in ARMA 3 EPOCH that I want to neck myself every time it rains, its a wonder I am still alive to write this. I cant remember the last time I had an hour long session of ARMA without it raining once. The weather is severely broken in my opinion, but not because its always sunny - because it rains FAR too often and more often than not far too heavily. I would love for a more constant fog/doom and gloom atmosphere but please. no more rain.
  4. I think the intention of Epoch is to give players the tools and functionality to build similar structures themselves with the freedom of custom designing them to suit the terrain/vantage point etc - While I agree we need way more variety of tools and buildables to accomplish these things I'd rather have the freedom to custom build than to just construct pre-existing towers etc... In my head I see Epoch in a year or two's time being a cross between Ghost Recon and Mine Craft where players can enjoy combat simulation at a very high level of realism while enjoying the creative freedom to build a huge range of structures. With more buildables/materials/functionality I can see the Epoch building being amazing. With some creativity you can already build some awesome bases and that is with VERY limited functionality/buildables. I think patience is key here. I am hoping that the next patch will see the introduction of more than just 1-2 new buildables but a whole lot of new things for us to go crazy with
  5. This sounds like it could be turned into a Molotov type of grenade instead
  6. It's simple - Base raiding takes away peoples hard work and hours spent playing, some have thick skin and get right back into re-building and see it as part of the game.. Majority just say fuck it, and move on to a new server/game. Admins have a hard enough time as it is keeping numbers up so making bases indestructible removes that issue. My issue at the moment is this - BALANCE: Cinder bases are far too easy to make, and too hard to blow up (8-10 satchels per wall). This leaves players with 1 option when it comes to raiding: 1. Glitch/dupe/exploit Consider that a group of 4-5 can farm up enough supplies to triple stack entrances/walls meaning for anyone to get in they need 30+ explosives satchels minimum... This is A. unrealistic and B. something that encourages players to glitch/dupe/exploit in order to base raid.... Also consider that when a group's 3x cinder stacked base (which is seemingly impenetrable) is levelled it's usually due to foul play so said group will get upset and move sever... Can I also say that there is nothing boring about PVP in general. Big groups can have just as much fun infiltrating a high-loot area and enjoying PVP using squad tactics to get the job done... Base raiding to me can be fun if the enemy is there to defend but most kids do it at stupid hours and as a mean to troll... Not to actually gain needed supplies... Edit: I should add that I don't care to base raid, I also don't care if i am raided... I just enjoy PVP, Squad tactics, building and sniping in general
  7. I love your proposal for the simple fact that servers with smaller populations can be clustered together by setting up large radiation zones as you mentioned. Perhaps a grenade type or object that you lay down that can emit radiation (an invisible effect) instead of toxic gas? Possibly need to enter a radiation zone to fillup said object or charge it?
  8. I think players should be able to loot rare toxic grenades which emit a poison gas that causes the player to take damage and possibly pass out/die. Perfect in a raid on a base or if you've pinned someone down inside a building that you can't get a good shot on them. Much like the green gas emitted from a downed Sapper. I think players should also be able to loot a uncommon (but not super rare) tear gas grenade which emits a gas that blurs players vision who are effected by it, causing a similar sensation to when a Cultist is in range, very good for rushing in a stalemate/lockdown situation.. I don't imagine this would be a difficult thing to implement with some of the effects of this suggestion already being in game, they would just need to be tied to smoke grenades... Would be even cooler to have these type of grenades as launcher attachments
  9. Without turning EPOCH into an RPG, I think the game could benefit from the skill building of a theif/hacker. In a similar way that Hours alive accumulates higher max stamina when a player reads rare documents they could gain levels of theft/hacking. The higher their level the more they are able to unlock/steal... This could range from being able to unlock vehicles to loot them, unlocking lockboxes, unlocking wooden doors, unlocking cinder doors etc... Different level requirements for different things. Similar in hacking ATM's for crypto - Hackers could steal from 1 player per 24 hours for instance, or per restart and each level would allow them to steal more crypto each time. I know this would need a lot of balancing but if it could be done well I think it would add some value to wanting to stay alive for longer.. Could also work well for future implementations of things like computer devices in bases? Players might also be able to steal from players backpacks (if they could sneak up on them of course)
  10. I noticed Axeman lurking and posting a bit more lately on the forums, do any Dev's care to weigh in on this thread or at least acknowledge that they have seen and consider any of the suggestions?
  11. I think this was a wise move, I too downloaded through steam workshop. It will just make keeping my files up to date very easy and organised. Should also be easy to format drives now with the steam backup feature...
  12. So what's every bodies overall impressions of the new DLC content? I haven't yet had the chance to play with many of the weapons but the 9.3mm magazines are quite appealing.. I find the 7.62 weapons to be a little inconsistent in their stopping power. Thats why I find only the .50/.408 land me sure kills... Can anybody confirm if the 9.3mm weapons are as effective in 1-2 shot take downs at ranges over 400m? Which weapons are your favorites and why? Is there such weapon that behaves and has similar stopping power to a lynx at ranges of 500m+ with a silencer attachment? That's what i'm eager to get my hands on...
  13. Thanks Axeman very helpful
  14. 1. Is there a time limit on trader missions, ie. do you have to complete them within a certain time? 2. Do they persist on restart/logging ie. are they tied to the documents in your inventory or per logged session? 3. When the trader alerts you that there is a player in your area/radius what distances/radius do they detect within? 4. Can you complete missions with rogue(brown dot) traders? Or is it just black dot/permanent traders? 5. Can you run multiple missions at once by storing multiple documents in a vehicle then delivering them all at once? If anyone can answer any of these questions that would be much appreciated.
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