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  1. i tried playing it for first time in a while and notice really low fps, we tried few servers same thing
  2. Yep the only mod I play on arma 3 is king of the hill, its still going strong ! I heard good things about ark
  3. I dont think i missed much, I will check again in a month then lol thanks for the update mate! :-)
  4. guys i don't think the problem is the maps here, I had a long break and was looking to get a game last night there are hardly any servers with good amount of players on, where is everyone playing?
  5. knights†emplar


    I got 32 slot for 3.99 dollars , i don't have dedicated so I had to find a host , it works great and cheapest I found out there!
  6. Honestly if you want quick support stay away from Vert, the worse customer service , I haven't been with them a month, I am looking for alternative, very slow in replying to ticket, BEC breaks all the time, DB hosted somewhere else not on same box, its never ending battle,the only thing is i am not hosting arma 3 epoch , i am hosting dayz vanilla so I dont know if epoch a3 will be any better, I know I wont get another server from them.. I wish xstreamgaming would offer servers they were the best..
  7. are you saying it will be done or only if Sahrani wins the vote on your poll thread? I am confused..!
  8. Its not just the threes , building classes would have to be added to loot table , sahrani buildings that is
  9. Yea I am pretty sure the support for this stopped or will be very slow, there are few issues when I tested it out, mainly sky graphics albeit not as much as essker or Namalsk glitches, I just thought when you said by Nonov that someone else took over 0.25 and made changes..
  10. this is the same as SMD sahrani by those guys: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?185924-SMD-Sahrani-A3-Bohemia-s-Sahrani-Terrain-as-ported-by-SMD What's changed?
  11. Would have to be water base building only lol
  12. Yes this would be awesome , Stoke on Trent on a Saturday night did you look like a zombie town on my last visit!
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