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  1. Hello, I stumbled across Rügen looking for an Arma 2 DayZ map. Now I have the problem that I don't have any traders, can someone please provide me with the traders if someone has them? I would be very grateful about that... MfG Lord
  2. Hello community, I have the following problem in Bornholm are the teleporter not there, but this is the smallest problem, the biggest trouble is when they are because they do not work. Kann mir da times please a help and tell me if I'm too stupid or if it's a bug. MfG Lord
  3. Can please times a the Original Files upload because so very original are not Just_R .
  4. I have a database , only with me the problem is it does not save the Coins the heist what I sell , but do not get it Coins Have also need to realize that I can buy so everything without having to looting .
  5. I have Upload the newest Version here http://www.mediafire.com/download/9jaia9504rxlxab/%40Taviana.rar the bikey is in the key folder
  6. If I had the idea mapen , I would have done it myself just because I have no idea of it , I read it . German: Wenn ich ahnung vom mapen hätte, hätte ich es auch selber machen können bloß da ich davon keine ahnung habe las ich es.
  7. Hello community, wanted to ask quite fond whether someone would find me to make a sector B for my Tavinana map, since I have no idea . I have presented me 1-2 helicopters circling aroundit and dependent NPCs guarding the thing . this one really must act tactically as in Origins . Maybe I would have to say that I would like to have more loot crates where there is good stuff in arms, munitions and building materials and perhaps in somewhat larger quantities , so which one is well rewarded if you managed to get out . German: Hallo Gemeinde, wollte mal ganz lieb anfragen ob sich jemand finden würde mir einen Sektor B für meine Tavinana Map zu machen, da ich keine Ahnung davon habe. Vorgestellt habe ich mir 1 - 2 Helis die darum kreisen und halt NPCs die das ding bewachen. das man wirklich Taktisch vorgehen muss wie bei Origins. Vieleicht hätte ich noch anmerken sollen das ich gerne noch Loot kisten haben würde wo gutes Zeug drin ist Waffen, Munition und Baumaterial und das vieleicht in etwas größeren mengen, so das man auch gut belohnt wird wenn man es geschaft hat. Google Übersetzer
  8. Yes it's free you can install of a Public server see my Signatur it is a Public server
  9. Need the Serverkey for the v3.xx the origin key is not working...
  10. //Gets the time till restart for the server. /* File: restartTime.sqf Author: ScaRR Description: Gets the real GMT time using Kilzone Kid's real_date dll. http://killzonekid.com/arma-extension-real_date-dll-v3-0/ You can change the colour values. Please also set the _gmtHourDiff value according to your timezone Also note that this script if for 4 hour restart cycles and you will have to modify the switch section if yours is different. PLEASE KEEP CREDITS */ if (isDedicated) then { flashTime = false; "utcPacket" addPublicVariableEventHandler { _pcid = owner (_this select 1 select 0); //get the server time _utc = "real_date" callExtension "UTC"; _array = [_utc,","] call BIS_fnc_splitString; _utcHourDiff = 2; //timezone difference for you server form GMT/ UTC _hour = parseNumber(_array select 3) + _utcHourDiff; _minute = parseNumber (_array select 4); if(_hour==24)then{_hour=0}; _nextRestartHour = 0; switch(_hour) do{ case 0; case 1; case 2; case 3; case 4; case 5;{ _nextRestartHour = 6}; case 6; case 7; case 8; case 9; case 10; case 11:{ _nextRestartHour = 12}; case 12; case 13; case 14; case 15: case 16; case 17;{ _nextRestartHour = 18}; case 18; case 19: case 20; case 21; case 22; case 23:{ _nextRestartHour = 24}; }; _restart = "NA"; _restartMinutes = (_nextRestartHour - _hour) * 60; _restartMinutes = _restartMinutes - _minute; _restartInHour = floor(_restartMinutes /60); _restartInMinutes = _restartMinutes mod 60; if(_restartInMinutes < 10)then{ _restart = format["%1:0%2",_restartInHour,_restartInMinutes]; }else{ _restart = format["%1:%2",_restartInHour,_restartInMinutes]; }; _colourRestart = parseText "#adadad"; if(_restartInHour == 0) then { if(_restartInMinutes < 31 && _restartInMinutes > 15) then { //set colour yellow _colourRestart = parseText "#fff000"; }; if(_restartInMinutes < 16 && _restartInMinutes > 5) then { //set colour orange _colourRestart = parseText "#ff812d"; }; if(_restartInMinutes < 6) then { //set colour red if(flashTime) then { _colourRestart = parseText "#adadad"; } else{ _colourRestart = parseText "#ff3232"; }; flashTime = !flashTime; }; }; missionNamespace setVariable ["utcPacket", [_restart, _colourRestart]]; _pcid publicVariableClient "utcPacket"; }; }; Have no spoiler button found sorry Hello, Can someone please me adjust the Restart.sqf to 6 hours ? 0 clock , 6 clock , 12 clock 18 clock + 2 utc Many thanks before ... I have so tried it before :
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