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Select Spawn + Halo Jump


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Bottom of what script exactly?


last one executed ... it depends how much of this you use, if you are using loadouts aswell, put it below that, if not put it below in the files that sets position


if you want to make it look more "natural" change the height on each position like this [x, y, z - set your height here] in all the files for all positions.



Yes I do.  It works.


no you are not using ebays spawn selection along with default epoch halo spawns ... stop being an idiot now.

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    • By lesvieuxcrevards
      I've read content of 
      Very ice work but I'm only searching for respawn with HALO features. Any one know a simply script for this feature ?
      Best regards
    • By DangerRuss
      I updated the antihack to version v1429A and it seems that when players select HALO spawn, they are ejected from plane and then are suddenly in debug, fully geared. They can even spawn a bicycle in debug which sometimes causes them to HALO spawn above the bicycle. 
    • By Salutesh
      What is Futurepoch?

      Futurepoch is a customized Arma 3 Epoch Mod Mission based on the Mods: 

      A3 Epoch
      Operation Trebuchet
      A3 Community Base Addons

      The goal is to create a futuristic Epoch Gameplay with the help of these mods and custom scripted content.

      Current additional Features in the Mission:

      * Additional Content out of the required Mods
      * Safe-Zones on different Vendor/Spawn points
      * Free Equipment on re-/first spawn in the clone box
      * Explosives to vehicles and doors script
      * AutoLockPicker script. 
      * Player Status Bar
      * Random Supply-Drops Events
      * Logistical support for A3 and Epoch vehicles (WIP)
      * Roaming NPCs
      * Different Group System
      * Player Tags on aiming player
      * Capture Points Events
      * Immersion Tweaks and ambient presentation improvements
      * Action Menu with different options
      * Better Object/NPC interactions
      * Privat Message System (WIP)
      * Spectating option after dead
      * Heli Crashsites (DayZ Style)
      * Player Hand Signal interactions
      * Quick change of Weapon attackments
      * Custom Spawn selection
      Mission is still work in progress!
      There will be much more features in the future.


      Salutesh - Managent & Scripting
      second_coming - Scripting
      SpiRe - Scripting & Configuration

      Thanks & Credits

      Big thanks and love to the awesome Epoch Mod Comminity!
      Without their help this mission would not have been possible:
      horbin - Fulcrum Mission System
      Osef and piX - Player Status-Bar System
      IT07 - ScarCode Action Menu System inspiration
      aeroson - Group Manager System
      Zupa - Capture Points Event
      voiper - Little Immersion Tweaks
      Igi_PL - IgiLoad Logistic System
      Face - A3EAI System
      tdavision - Supply Drop Event
      Richie, TheVampire & xBowBii - DayZ Crash-sites
      JTS_2009 - Private Message System
      Halvhjearne - Custom Spawn selector
      (I hope i dont miss one)

      A Special Thanks goes also to the Developers of the required Mods for this Mission!
        If you want to help me with the developing process or interrested to host it you're free to 
      contact me per mail on: [email protected]

      If you got any idea for this mission or have some questions please feel free to write me a PM or post it to our Forums at www.reality-gaming.eu
    • By runks32
      I was just wondering about the movement controls for halo jumping. For some reason on the server I play on moving around after halo jumping is non existent. The player will just fall straight down. Is this a epoch error or something that can be fixed with the .pbo coding? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
    • By CptGoldie
      I've been trying to get Halo spawn working on my epoch server. it's hosted on dayz.st and im starting to think their init file has it edited out. i dont see any option in there to set halospawn true, and when i manualy add it in the game hangs on loading.
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