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  1. 9 hours ago, CorporalClegg said:

    Hi Ghostrider

    Thanks for getting back to me, i couldnt see any sign of the missions loading in the server rpt, searched for blck but nothing there, just @GMS mentioned but no evidence of loading, maybe its a Tanoa thing? dunno, cheers for looking though

    I'll check. would you mind sending me a copy of your server.rpt ?

  2. On 4/25/2020 at 10:03 AM, RiDDiX said:


     as already I said, even without infistar the vehicles just despawn directly after someone tries to get into them or they despawn when you sit in for 1 seconds.

    You are correct, I verified this bug. I am looking at a fix now.

    EDIT: I identified the bug, and am thinking about how best to solve it. The fix will be in Experimental Branch 202 over the weekend.

  3. On 5/1/2020 at 4:19 PM, CorporalClegg said:

    Hello. can i just ask if this mission system works out of the box for Epoch.Tanoa or do i have to alter something as i cant seem to get missions to spawn at all, ive followed the install steps ok, would appreciate some advice, cheers :)


    p.s. apologies if im been a massive thickoid

    ...if it helps, this is what i have done from following installation instructions...put the folder "debug" inside my epoch.Tanoa mission pbo, added execVM "debug\blckClient.sqf"; to the init inside my mission pbo, added the folderand contents of @GMS to the root of my server....added @GMS to my "additional server mods" after @EpochHive; like this @EpochHive;@GMS;

    not sure what im doing wrong but im predicting its something stupidly obvious lol


    Have you looked in your server.RPT to be sure the mission system is being loaded? I will double-check but as far as i know it works on Epoch out of the box though there are always little issues I miss to be addressed.

  4. 5 hours ago, RiDDiX said:



    I hope that someone is still active inside this mod/ai missions script.

    I got in some problems. I used statis missions to spawn vehicles but if someone goes into them and drive just one second later the vehicle just despawn and the player stands there where the vehicle was last position.

    I now that epoch need to set keys but I cant find how to add it to this script beside I looks it is already in side.


    _missionLootVehicles = [  // Paste appropriate lines from the output of M3EDEN Editor here and add the loot crate type and loot counts at the end of each entry as shown in the example below.
    						  // Many vehicles have less inventory capacity than crates so you may have to modify _lootcounts to avoid having stuff spawned all over the ground.

    These are the settings which I use to spawn the vehicles as "Loot" within a mission area and I want them to stay and be useable.

    which version/build are you using?

    I am not sure what is causing this, what are you using for antihack?

  5. The main branch was updated to 6.96 build 197 which seems to be pretty much bug free and stable.

    That version adds the ability to offload AI to clients or HC (but not both), includes many bug fixes, and adds a few other features some of you have requested.

    I'd like to give a bit Thank you to everyone who participated in bug identification. There was a lot to sort out.

  6. I have Identified the cause of the dissapearing bodies which was due to how simulation was being managed. I just pushed an update to the experimental branch that disables the script that manages simulation along with a bunch of other minor bug fixes. I will get back to this after New Years to finish the remaining updates which deal with: new ways to identify locations to spawn missions; updated simulation management.

  7. Thank you for that information. Yes, it was caused by changes I had made which threw a script error causing immediate body deletion, and by how proximity of players to bodies scheduled for deletion was determined. I am glad to have independent confirmation that the issue is resolved. There are two pending updates:

    replace the current system of pre-compliing the mission file and an entire copy of the mission spawner with something new wherein all data describing the mission is stored in tables in an array and checked ever 1-2 secs by code based on the old mission spawner but present in pre-compiled functions which should, I hope, result in some small increase in efficiencies by reducing the number of scripts running and eliminating a few while {} do {} and uiSleeps.

    The final update would be an implementation of https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_stalk which I think would add an interesting dimension


  8. I'd like to apologize for all of the issues with the experimental build. it is a substantial revision to address a few issues (vehicles dont unlock, for example) and take what I have learned about coding  since I started the project to try to clean up code and make some parts more efficient. I have also added some features. Like every new effort there are bumps in the road, like the bodies issues, but I will get them sorted. Thank you to those who report bugs. I'll be pushing build 169 which workks pretty well in a bit for those who do not wish to stick with the current experimental build.

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