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All-In-One Docker based Arma 3 Epoch Linux Server

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The goal of this Docker image is to automate the install and setup of a Linux based Arma 3 server with the latest stable version of Epoch.

  1. First, install docker: https://www.docker.com/.

  2. Next, Start by pulling the docker image: 

    docker pull epochmodteam/arma3epochserver


  3. Then start the server:
    docker run --rm -e STEAM_USERNAME='[email protected]' -e STEAM_PASSWORD='YourPassW0rd' --privileged -p 2302-2306:2302-2306/udp -it epochmodteam/arma3epochserver

    Note: the --rm here removes the server when stopped

Change the STEAM_USERNAME and STEAM_PASSWORD before running, as you must login to be able to download Arma 3 server files and workshop mods.

You can alternatively add a "credentials" file to the location you are running the command from and instead of specifying -e STEAM_USERNAME='[email protected]' -e STEAM_PASSWORD='YourPassW0rd' via command line use:
--env-file credentials

[email protected]

If you want to persist data add the -v C:\Docker\data:/data option below and change the folder "C:\Docker\data" to a location you want to store the redis database. (Note: You will need to setup the Shared Drive in Docker > Settings.)

docker run --rm -e --env-file credentials --privileged -v C:\Docker\data:/data -p 2302-230:2302-2306/udp -it epochmodteam/arma3epochserver

Also, Epoch Experimental can be installed using: epochmodteam/arma3epochserver:experimental


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Does this still work? I tried it and it looks like it doesn't see the epoch mod.


22:20:25 Steam Manager initialized.
22:20:25 ============================================================================================= List of mods ===============================================================================================
22:20:25 modsReadOnly = true
22:20:25 safeModsActivated = false
22:20:25 customMods = true
22:20:25 hash = '4C53D41D213DCEBDB8E625F89D05BE091E03CBD8'
22:20:25 hashShort = '1eb3a3e'
22:20:25                                               name |               modDir |    default |               origin |                                     hash | hashShort | fullPath
22:20:25 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
22:20:25                                             @epoch |               @epoch |      false |            NOT FOUND |                                          |           |
22:20:25                                Arma 3 DLC Bundle 2 |           dlcbundle2 |       true |            NOT FOUND |                                          |           |
22:20:25                                Arma 3 DLC Bundle 1 |            dlcbundle |       true |            NOT FOUND |                                          |           |
22:20:25                                 Arma 3 Laws of War |               orange |       true |             GAME DIR | 7e920f8e3406b3afda01f707343b50e0dd863223 |  d8424fb9 | /arma3/orange
22:20:25                                      Arma 3 Malden |                 argo |       true |             GAME DIR | 2c7f31fc1da4a8ab70e1ee4ddeda7346a07966a8 |  e6b32192 | /arma3/argo
22:20:25                                        Arma 3 Jets |                 jets |       true |             GAME DIR | f20c53ebf56568e6db8fe4af12e8be24082aed8f |  2a31e008 | /arma3/jets
22:20:25                                        Arma 3 Apex |            expansion |       true |             GAME DIR | d74ba67e9d350ac1a7c1cd8f3d9cb090f4d93bfa |  4b654910 | /arma3/expansion
22:20:25                                    Arma 3 Marksmen |                 mark |       true |             GAME DIR | 45d1dd5383cf3b0fbea17a0fd8bcaeacf94d35d0 |  c29e927e | /arma3/mark
22:20:25                                 Arma 3 Helicopters |                 heli |       true |             GAME DIR | 4c9d33812524dd6667e778324eca8c03dcd45a58 |  26915ff6 | /arma3/heli
22:20:25                                       Arma 3 Karts |                 kart |       true |             GAME DIR | f23d62c84533cd2e072b9df19e13f2946db7c9a5 |  ce467b7a | /arma3/kart
22:20:25                                        Arma 3 Zeus |              curator |       true |             GAME DIR | c0fc624e3e7d3fa797929d3e19aaabe812299497 |  57f48148 | /arma3/curator
22:20:25                                             Arma 3 |                   A3 |       true |            NOT FOUND |                                          |           |
22:20:25                                         @epochhive |           @epochhive |      false |            NOT FOUND |                                          |           |
22:20:25 ==========================================================================================================================================================================================================
22:20:25 InitSound ...
22:20:25 InitSound - complete
22:20:25 Dedicated host created.
22:20:25 PhysX3 SDK Init started ...
22:20:25 PhysX3 SDK Init ended.
22:20:28 Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.
22:20:28 Loading movesType CfgGesturesMale
22:20:28 MovesType CfgGesturesMale load time 73 ms
22:20:28 Loading movesType CfgMovesMaleSdr
22:20:37 MovesType CfgMovesMaleSdr load time 8900 ms
22:20:37 BattlEye server updated to version: 217
22:20:37 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217)
22:20:37 Autoinit is supported only for persistent missions!
Server creation failed : 2302



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Thanks so much!


Is there a way for us to add scripts and other addons after install?  Changing the map in the server conf maybe?  I tried mounting a volume to store arma3 locally so I could modify files to run again, but the validation overwrites with vanilla.



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