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All-In-One Docker based Arma 3 Epoch Linux Server

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The goal of this Docker image is to automate the install and setup of a Linux based Arma 3 server with the latest stable version of Epoch.

  1. First, install docker: https://www.docker.com/.

  2. Next, Start by pulling the docker image: 

    docker pull epochmodteam/arma3epochserver


  3. Then start the server:
    docker run --rm -e STEAM_USERNAME='your@email.net' -e STEAM_PASSWORD='YourPassW0rd' --privileged -p 2302-2306:2302-2306/udp -it epochmodteam/arma3epochserver

    Note: the --rm here removes the server when stopped

Change the STEAM_USERNAME and STEAM_PASSWORD before running, as you must login to be able to download Arma 3 server files and workshop mods.

You can alternatively add a "credentials" file to the location you are running the command from and instead of specifying -e STEAM_USERNAME='your@email.net' -e STEAM_PASSWORD='YourPassW0rd' via command line use:
--env-file credentials


If you want to persist data add the -v C:\Docker\data:/data option below and change the folder "C:\Docker\data" to a location you want to store the redis database. (Note: You will need to setup the Shared Drive in Docker > Settings.)

docker run --rm -e --env-file credentials --privileged -v C:\Docker\data:/data -p 2302-230:2302-2306/udp -it epochmodteam/arma3epochserver

Also, Epoch Experimental can be installed using: epochmodteam/arma3epochserver:experimental


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    • By airtonix
      Calling it now, I'm keen to get the ball rolling on making EpochArma3 available as docker images for all the linux guys out there.
      When done, Linux server operators can use something like Shipyard to orchestrate the speedy creation of new EpochArma3 instances.

      Essentially it'll come down to this for installing on a fresh linux installed with docker: 
      $ docker run -T --name myworld-data epoch/epoch-arma3-data --ports $ docker run -T --name myworld --volumes-from=myworld-data epoch/epoch-arma3 or with fig
      $ wget docker.epoch.com/files/fig/epoch-arma3.yml $ fig build $ fig up bam, new self contained server instance installed and running. 
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      All the things you love about virtual machines without all the overhead.
      It seems to be possible, this server status report indicates an arma3 server running in docker.
      @vbawol, hit me up if if you're interested. 
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