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    • By Ghostman
      Hello how can i enable in infistar "display owner plotpole" if have enable Map Markers - PlotPoleMarkers
    • By chao226
      I am in the process of setting up an epoch server that I rented from gaming deluxe.  Currently on the server when you open your main map your players location is displayed on the map.  This is regardless of a GPS being in the players possession.  I am hoping to set it up so this will only happen when a player has a GPS but am a bit lost in all the scripts and cant seam to find anything.

    • By Stollenwerk
      Hey there,
      I know it has to be very simple, but I'm stuck on this atm.
      Maybe someone can give me a push in the right direction.
      I want to place a global marker and want to delete it again with a trigger, when a player activates the trigger.
      So that's what I got so far:
      _marker = createMarker ["BOX", _object]; _marker setMarkerType "hd_start"; _marker setMarkerColor "ColorRed"; _trigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", "getMarkerPos _marker"]; _trigger setTriggerArea [5, 5, 0, false]; _trigger setTriggerActivation ["ANY", "PRESENT", true]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["this", "deleteMarker _marker", ""]; I'm pretty sure that the error(s) are in these 2 lines:
      _trigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector", "getMarkerPos _marker"]; _trigger setTriggerStatements ["this", "deleteMarker _marker", ""]; I'm not sure what to put in as string code for deactivation. Trigger should be deleted as well of course, after the marker is deleted.
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Desire
      I basically went into my mission.sqm and added my own marker, but it doesn't seem to be working. Anyone know why?
      here is the code.
      class Markers { items=18; class Item0 { position[]={7839.6055,381.33774,8414.7324}; name="center"; type="Empty"; }; class Item1 { position[]={-7245.377,365.98782,19535.367}; name="respawn_west"; type="Empty"; }; class Item2 { position[]={4932.3345,0.39950246,1989.1094}; name="spawn0"; type="Empty"; }; class Item3 { position[]={2236.0391,0.63119155,1923.3735}; name="spawn1"; type="Empty"; }; class Item4 { position[]={8738.1328,0.45720705,2122.1082}; name="spawn2"; type="Empty"; }; class Item5 { position[]={10909.267,0.57597214,2422.3096}; name="spawn3"; type="Empty"; }; class Item6 { position[]={13510.764,0.44504455,5249.3027}; name="spawn4"; type="Empty"; }; class Item7 { position[]={6326.4805,304.99265,7809.4888}; name="Tradercitystary"; text="Trader City Stary"; type="mil_circle"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item8 { position[]={4361.4937,3,2259.9526}; name="wholesaleSouth"; text="Wholesaler"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item9 { position[]={13532.614,3.0083523,6355.9497}; name="boatTraderEast"; text="Wholesaler"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item10 { position[]={7989.3354,0.30462033,2900.9946}; name="BoatDealerSouth"; text="Boat Dealer"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item11 { position[]={12060.471,158.85699,12638.533}; name="AirVehicles"; text="Aircraft Dealer"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorGreen"; }; class Item12 { position[]={1606.6443,289.70795,7803.5156}; name="BanditDen"; text="Bandit Camp"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorRed"; }; class Item13 { position[]={11447.91,317.27109,11364.536}; name="Klen"; text="Trader City Klen"; type="mil_circle"; colorName="ColorGreen"; }; class Item14 { position[]={13441.16,1.1406164,5429.3013}; name="BoatDealerEast"; text="Boat Dealer"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item15 { position[]={4064.2258,365.13501,11665.938}; name="TradercityBash"; text="Trader City Bash"; type="mil_circle"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; class Item16 { position[]={12944.227,210.19823,12766.889}; name="HeroTrader"; text="Hero Camp"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorBlue"; }; class Item17 { position[]={6991.15,5362.56,0}; name="CarSafeSpot"; text="Vehicle Safe Spot"; type="mil_dot"; colorName="ColorGreen"; }; }; Item17 is my custom one.
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